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Cost-Efficient Marketing Techniques For Any Business

Cost-Efficient Marketing Techniques For Any Business
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    Many business owners look at their marketing budget as just a conglomeration of expenses. Marketing is an expense for a business and an investment to the company.

    The beauty of marketing is that it engages alternative methods, which are sometimes lower cost. However, if you fail to follow a proper marking strategy, there is a high probability your business will fail – unless you already have unbeatable goodwill. So, let’s have a look at some marketing strategies that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

    16 Cost-efficient marketing techniques


    1. Use Social Media

    Use social media to market your business and create a consumer base for your goods. Both Facebook and Twitter are useful for announcing new products and services while Instagram is an excellent place to post photos and showcase your business.

    Increasing social media engagement and building a community is a great way to grow yours.

    2. Create Partnerships with Other Organisations

    Joining industry associations are a great marketing tactic as this allows your business access to marketing know-how, technology, and customer bases that it wouldn’t have on its own.

    You can organise a partnership and pool marketing budgets to make good things happen with a low budget.

    3. Join Local Clubs and Organisations

    As a businessperson in a community, it is crucial to be visible. So, you can join clubs and organisations and be an active member. Joining clubs and organisations will not only be a great networking opportunity but also increase the visibility of your business.

    4. Host a Webinar

    You can organise a free webinar to introduce your brand and product to a broader audience. The more fascinating the topic, the better you’ll attract an audience.

    You must plan the webinar and spread the word. This relates back to technique 1 – use social media to promote the webinar. A great platform to attract an audience to webinars is LinkedIn as working professionals look to further their knowledge and broaden their network.

    5. Cross-Promote

    Cross-promoting is one explosive method of marketing that some companies use. Cross-promotion is partnering with another company with related businesses that can market your services in exchange for selling their services.

    6. Be a Blog Commenter

    The main idea of marketing is to make your brand as well-known as possible. One way of doing so is by joining discussions on top blogs. You can do this by reading and commenting on the blogs regularly, so people see your name and associated brand, and become familiar with your brand.

    7. Network in Person

    Don’t miss the opportunity to market in person. You meet great people in person whom you may never come across online. Every person you meet every day is a marketing possibility. You don’t have to go around shoving your business to people, but as the work issue comes up in discussion, tell them about it.

    8. Claim a Hashtag #

    Hashtags are the billboards of the Internet now. Since hashtags are available on every central social platform, you can create a hashtag for your business and use it everywhere you post. By doing this, you can make your brand hashtag familiar to people, and your business, too.

    Furthermore, broad or trending hashtags can help you reinforce your brand identity, but they should not be the only hashtags you use. More specific hashtags are suitable for when you’re providing advice/resources.

    9. Email Marketing Plan

    Extending your email list is one of the most effective methods of marketing. An email marketing plan helps to get new visitors engaged with your business and maintains relationships with your existing customers.

    10. User-Generated Content

    Everyone knows that content marketing is productive for inbound marketing.

    But content marketing can be expensive. So, to make this cost-efficient, you can motivate your existing fans and customers to tell their own stories and write content, and you’ll instantly open the floodgates to tons of fresh and engaging posts.

    11.  Blog

    A business blog is an indispensable strategy of online marketing. It’s very effective. Blogs can be used by businesses to drive traffic to their website, increase user attraction, improve their online visibility, and strengthen their overall SEO. Blog posts don’t have to belong and be complex; instead, put them in simple terms so everyone can understand easily.

    You can read more about why SEO is important for accountants here.

    12. Create a LinkedIn Group

    LinkedIn is free, and it gives you incredible marketing opportunities. Many professionals use LinkedIn as a static social media tool. You can use LinkedIn to introduce and market your business by sharing your blog posts and offers, and joining and contributing to forums.

    13. Create a Free Google ‘My Business’ Account

    For local businesses, a Google Business Profile has become one of the most effective free marketing strategies. A free Google business account allows your business to show up on Google Maps, the local section of Google Search.

    14. Apply for Business Awards

    Most industries have business awards that you can compete for and win, and then place a badge on your website. Badges like these can make others trust your business and boost your credibility and, as a result, increase sales.

    15. Post Helpful Videos

    Video is a viral medium for consumers. Video marketing is easy with today’s devices and social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. Videos are especially great for illustrating how to complete a task or explain a complex thing, and video marketing works in pretty much every industry.

    16. Set up a Customer Referral Programme

    Offer existing customers a free product, a free month of service, or gift vouchers/rewards for introducing new customers. Remember that word of mouth is powerful stuff, and customers referred by other customers are friends letting friends know about your business, which is incredibly valuable.


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