Free Guide on Automatic Enrolment Pensions

A guide on automatic enrolment pensions, we’ll look at who qualifies, the responsibilities of the employer and keeping records.

Automatic enrolment places duties on employers to automatically enrol ‘workers’ into a work based pension scheme.

The main duties are:
• assessing the types of workers in the business
• providing a qualifying automatic enrolment pension
scheme for the relevant workers
• writing to most of their workers explaining what
automatic enrolment into a workplace pension
means for them
• automatically enrolling all ‘eligible jobholders’ into the
scheme and paying employer contributions
• completing the declaration of compliance and
keeping records.

As you can see pensions automatic enrolment is not straightforward. Please do contact us for help and advice. We can help you to manage the road to automatic enrolment and help you to comply with the requirements when you are in automatic enrolment.

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