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How important is accounting software?

How important is accounting software?
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    In the modern era, businesses have realised the importance of having accounting processes automated to save time and minimise errors in preparing financial statements.

    From basic billing to complex tax calculation procedures and managing business projects, accounting software plays a major role in accounting for a company’s financial data.

    Before incorporating accounting software into your business operations, it is important to understand the needs of your business and how these can benefit your company’s operations.

    Our blog will provide you with a thorough understanding of what you need to know before automating your financial operations.

    What is accounting software?

    Accounting software is software that handles multiple bookkeeping and accounting tasks. These perform various business transactions and store a company’s financial data. Accounting software is designed to handle company accounts and simplify financial operations.

    Accounting software aims to automate financial processes otherwise done manually. This helps to simplify procedures and manage the accounts in an organisation.

    The uses of accounting software can vary from simple single-entry programs to much more advanced accounting operations such as salaries, accounts receivable, accounts payable, company assets, etc.

    In the modern world, many businesses have moved away from traditional accounting systems to more modern accounting software that allows them to keep track of the financial transactions in the company and generate numerous financial reports instantly.

    Before the evolution of apps and software for accounting, accountants in a business had to manually input transactions into the company’s records, mainly using multiple journals and entries. This time-consuming process often lead to errors that had to be investigated and corrected.

    What are the benefits you can get by implementing accounting software in your company?

    The evolution of accounting software has automated these tasks, reducing costs and enabling better decision-making through real-time reporting.

    Let’s discuss the benefits of using accounting software:

    • Increasing the accuracy of data- This is one of the main benefits obtained by accounting software. It will reduce the human error that a company usually encounters during data entry and finalising the accounts figures. Inaccuracies in financial transactions and reports might lead to serious business consequences, and these can be avoided to a massive extent using the software.
    • Saving time- Any automated system will take some time initially for its implementation process. However, after the initial implementation process, it can save many working hours by handling time-consuming accounting processes and manual bookkeeping.
    • Improving the security of financial information- Financial information is one of the company’s key confidential elements that need to be managed securely. Insufficient protection measures will result in the information being leaked to unauthorised third parties. Accounting software ensures that data remains protected in a system secured by measures such as a firewall and is only available to authorised personnel.
    • Accounting software can sync all your business’s financial data- Suppose your financial data is stored on multiple platforms such as credit card accounts and bank accounts. In that case, it will be a hectic procedure to continuously chase the relevant parties for the financial statements to collect the information you need. Online accounting platforms can sync all your bank accounts and automatically update the feed, which will make your processes more convenient. 

    What are the main features of good accounting software?

    • It is user friendly- The main purpose of any software platform is to make things easier and more convenient for the user. Therefore, accounting software should also provide an easily understood interface that helps any party, including anyone that might not be tech-savvy.
    • It is proactive in identifying and preventing errors- A good accounting software program will have the ability to detect dynamic issues if there are any and sometimes even suggest possible solutions. Most software programs have automatic calculation systems to prevent users from making any errors when inputting data into the system.
    •  It combines inventory management with invoicing and billing features- Accounting software has different functions. Most of these will offer the users basic inventory management, billing, and invoicing. If the accounting software used in your company combines all of the tasks mentioned above, this will allow a company to reduce the time spent on transferring data from one system to another.
    • It can assist a company in financial forecasting- Every company owner wishes to have some control methods over their revenues and expenses. Reputable accounting software can help a company optimise profits by eliminating unnecessary costs and managing finances wisely.

    What are the types of accounting software available?

    There are three major types of accounting software available to a company:

    Database accounting software 

    These are the types of software used by large organisations. These are very costly and require the service of systems consultants and systems engineers to install and run the operations.

    They assist large company networks that comprise advanced transactions.

    Installed accounting software

    These are the types of software used by start-ups and SMEs. They are available in portable devices which can be installed on your company computers.

    Cloud accounting software

    These are types of accounting software available online. Here, the data is sent to the cloud, where it is processed and converted and returned to the user. At WIS Accountancy, we have achieved a Xero Gold Partner status.


    What do you mean by accounting software?

    Accounting software is a computer program that aids companies in recording their financial transactions. The accounting software needs usually differ from one company to another.

    Some companies will satisfy their financial requirements through readily available software, while others may require complex and customised software tailored to the company’s needs.

    What are the uses of accounting software?

    Accounting software is a vital tool for billing, invoicing, and project management functions. It also assists businesses with reconciling business bank statements and generating financial reports.

    What is online accounting software?

    These are software held on a distant server known as “the cloud”. The software user sends the information to the cloud, where the data is processed and sent back.

    How does accounting software help a business?

    Accounting software can increase the efficiency of a company since it saves time by performing tasks, including managing receivables and payables in a short period. Furthermore, they have greater levels of accuracy compared to information recorded manually.


    In conclusion, accounting software makes life easier for companies by streamlining accounting processes conducted manually. It enhances the performance of a company by providing more accurate information promptly.

    However, it is quite important to note that this does not replace the role of an accountant as they will still have the expertise and knowledge on accounting matters.

    Without the assistance of accounting software, company owners will have to spend many hours preparing financial reports and reconciling business bank statements. Therefore, it is in a company’s best interests to invest in accounting software to bring unmatched benefits to the company’s financial processes.

    You can speak to our team of accounting experts at WIS Accountancy to have an idea of what accounting software will best suit your business’s needs and guide you through the benefits it can bring to your table.

    Get in touch with us via telephone on 0203 0111 898 or drop an email. We will be glad to assist you.

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