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How to submit a late tax return

How to submit a late tax return
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    Keeping on top of taxes and self-assessment can be stressful, time-consuming and overwhelming. If this is a problem you find yourself facing and you have ended up missing the deadline this year, don’t panic. Read on to discover how to submit a late tax return.

    If you were planning to send a paper tax return but don’t think it will reach HMRC in time, you may still be able to avoid the fine. Don’t send the paper form as the deadline for this is much earlier than the online version. The deadline for paper tax returns is October 31st.

    The sooner you submit your late tax return, the better since once you miss the original deadline, you will incur a fine which will only grow the longer it remains outstanding. If you don’t think you will make this deadline, instead use the online tax return form as the deadline for this is January 31st of the following year meaning you still have plenty of time to file your forms.

    How to pay late fines

    This depends on the size of the fine. You will also need to factor weekends and bank holidays in when making your payments, as you are still expected to send your payment by the deadline regardless of these.

    The same or next day

    If you need to make your payment urgently, then your options are to go through online or telephone banking (Faster Payments), through your online bank account, using the Clearing House Automated Payment System (CHAPS), by debit or corporate credit card online, or at your bank or building society.

    Three working days

    For payments that aren’t due for another three working days, you can use, Bacs, Direct Debit (if you’ve set up one for HMRC before) or by sending a cheque through the post.

    5 working days

    If you can wait five or more days before your payment needs to be received, you can go through direct debit even if you haven’t previously set one up with HMRC before.

    For all of these options, the correct sort codes and account numbers to send payments to are available on the website.

    Where to get help

    Now you know how to submit a late tax return, but if you want to avoid this issue from happening in the future, we might be able to help. Here at WIS Accountancy, we are a full-service accountancy firm that has been operating since 2009, so you can trust our experience.

    We are a family of businesses, so if you have any mortgage needs, we can assist customers through WIS Mortgages. Alternatively, if you run a business, we can help you with insurance through our sister company, WIS Business Protection.

    If you simply want to avoid the hassle and stress of annual accounting or think you could benefit from any of these services, then make sure to call us on 0203 011 1898 or fill out the contact form.


    Can I send my tax return in late?

    Yes! In fact, if your tax return is late, the sooner you send it in, the better. The longer you leave it, the larger the fine you incur will become.

    How do I file my income tax return after the deadline?

    If you have missed the paper tax return deadline, consider using the online form instead as the deadline for this is months later. Otherwise, you will need to get the tax return to HMRC as quickly as possible to avoid seeing a continuous increase in your fine.

    Can I file a tax return for previous years?

    You can make changes and update your tax return for previous returns differently depending on how you filed them.

    For online tax returns, simply sign in to the government gateway using your login details and navigate to ‘More Self Assessment details‘, then ‘At a glance’ from the left-hand menu. Here, select ‘Tax return options’ and choose the tax year for the return you want to amend.

    If you need to alter a paper tax return, you will need to download a new tax return and send HMRC the corrected version. Make sure to write ‘amendment’ on each page, as well as include your name and Unique Taxpayer Reference.

    How do I pay HMRC late filing penalty?

    There is a wide range of payment methods which depend on how imminently you need your payment to be received. If you have more than five days, you can set up a direct debit with HMRC and use this to pay, for example.

    If you need your payment to be received on the same day, however, then you will need to use your online or telephone banking, go to your bank in person or use your credit card online. The correct account number and sort code for this can be found on the website.

    What happens if you miss the tax deadline in 2022?

    If you miss the tax deadline and you have a reasonable excuse, you will need to contact HMRC to see if your reason will be considered. This can include unforeseeable accidents or bereavement which have left you unable to complete your tax returns without any prior warning.

    If you do not have a reasonable excuse you will incur a fine which increases the longer you take to fulfil your payments.

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