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Please take a moment to read our Google reviews which highlight the 5-star service we provide to our clients. If you are a client it would be great to hear your feedback. Please take a moment to leave us a Google review or Facebook review if you don’t have a Google account.

Manoj K.
I have been using WIS-Accountancy for the past three years. I am totally satisfied with the service. I have not had any issues. They have been very approachable and always got back with the right advice for me. They are very competent and one of the best accountancy firms.
Arun J.
WIS Accountancy is helping us for the past few months and as a team they are very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and easily approachable anytime. They help in each and every activity we do for running our business and they have done a splendid job so far.
Dried Flowers & D.
We have worked closely with WIS for over 10 years and the team have been absolutely phenomenal. An easy to do business with company who take the stress out of accountancy so that we can focus on our business.
Maximiliano C.
I have been working with WIS since 2020 and they are excellent. Very responsive and competent. I would strongly recommend them.
Arjun M.
WIS accountancy have been helping me with my accounts since 2019, they are one of the best accountancy firm you can come across. They are very professional and communication is spot on whenever a question is asked. Wijay who is one of the directors is very friendly available most of the time for a quick chat on any questions. Lindujan - Head of Operations is very helpful and gives accurate information in the time needed.I would recommend WIS. There was issues at all. Brilliant team and company!! Hats off.
Kavitha de Silva W.
A marvellous team of professionals! Solutions driven, never shying off a challenge and most importantly, always in smiles. Feeling very supported! Thanks for all the hard work WIS!
Lakshmi H.
Very professional, prompt and diligent accountants who have helped a novice business owner like me understand my finances. Particular mention goes to Akash Ratnavel who is super kind and goes all out to tackle my questions and explains with upmost patience. It is a pleasure dealing with him and I feel super confident that my accounts are in safe hands. They also offer mortgage, basic investment and extensive insurance advice which is a huge benefit. Thanks to Suneth, Aiza, Shafiya, Akash and the whole WIS team!
Rohit R.
Good accountants and excellent service.
louis G.
I have been using WIS for the past 3 years and they are the absolute best accountants you will ever find.They are diligent, efficient and very helpful in every way.I get extremely quick responses and all my tax liabilities are submitted in a timely manner. They also provide great advice on how to run more tax efficiently. Great all round service, with particular special mention for Shahul and sharlene who give me consistent excellent service.I would recommend WIS to all sole traders and LTD company directors, they will look after you.
Bhupen P.
Excellent Service, timely answered. Professional people. Been with them for nearly 2 years.
Rajesh T.
One of my friend referred to WIS Accountancy. It is been more than year now. I am happy with them and service. They are the Best!
M P B.
I have worked with WIS Accountancy Ltd since 2018. The Accountancy Team and Umbrella Team are very friendly, timely processed the Invoices, Timesheets, Payments and delivered accounting services. Whilst working with them, at no time I have any complaint and all done automatically without any of my interference. Also, I get updates time to time. Just today, I have asked for something and it was in my inbox within a minute. So, you can see what kind of service that we are getting. That's the reason I gave 5 Star :)Note that WIS have Mortgage Services as well, which I used and good to work with them too. Everything, under one roof and nowhere need to be looked at!
velu B.
I am with WIS accountancy for the past 8 years, I was recommened by my colleague. I am quite happy with their service. They are also handling umbrella company, Mortgage etc. All in all I am extremely satisfied with thier service
Santosh A.
As an IT services limited company, WIS Accountants have been the perfect find for all of our accounting needs and business advice and support. Wijay and team place customer satisfaction at the top of their agenda and backed up with all of the knowledge you could ever need to know for starting or running a business means any enquiry or concern is swiftly dealt with and the support offered is second to none. Akash excelled in helping us in a lot on accountancy needs.They even extended their support to correct and explain any of my accountancy issues. As an IT contractor, I would recommend WIS Accountancy as enough as the perfect support for your new or existing ventures or as an alternative with an extremely approachable and professional manner… Thanks a lot for your continuous effort team - Santosh A
V G.
I have been using WIS accountancy since 2019 and they have been very professional and helpful.Thanks Wijay, Akash , Shafiya and the WIS team for dealing with all my queries promptly. Thank You WIS !!Highly recommend WIS for all their services !
ritesh P.
I have used Wis for my tax needs for 2021, and everything was done Proffesionally and correctly, they had good knowledge of IR35 and helped me with my self assesment perfectly
shanks C.
I am with WIS since 2012 and I never had any complaint about them, the team were always there to support and help at any given time. Its amazing to see how passionate WIS team are with the work they do and support they provide to the customers.I would truly recommend WIS accountancy to everyone who is out there looking out to find the right accountancy provider.They are excellent and I have no doubt in giving 5 star for their services.
Richard W.
The stars and the qualitative ratings say what you need to know. WIS Umbrella have served me well as a contractor, always been responsive and professional and offer a personal touch to the service they offer. I highly recommend them.
Sivaji K
I have been using WIS for nearly an year and their service is top notch. You can expect always prompt response and very friendly staff. They helped me running my payroll and self assessment with out any trouble. They explained me all terms clearly during the start and very good value plus good quality. Indeed very professional. too 5 out of 5 with out a second thought
Harsh K.
I have been using WIS's accountancy services for 4 + years now. They've been extremely professional. Especially Lindujan and Ifthikar have been really helpful and provides personalised support. Thanks WIS team!
Arun M.
Excellent Client care and very responsive team. They give enough notice and information for the business to take decisions. They embrace the technology for transparency and access to information on demand.
Edmund W
The range and quality of the services provided by WIS are comprehensive and top class.WIS has been helping with mortgage find and applicatiin, setting up my company and maintaing my company accounts.In a time that regulations are increasingly rigourous and demanding. We cant afford to be complacent. Having a great team that act on your interest is critical.WIS comfortably fits the requirements and has exceeded my expectation.Regards,Edmund W from East London
Ade O.
I’ve been a client of WIS Accountancy for many years and I must say that their quality of service has been consistently high from day one! They’ve managed to build a team of dedicated and knowledgeable (always on-top of the various regulatory changes & challenges) professionals and I would highly recommend them for your accountancy needs.
David B.
I have contracted for 18 years using various entities. As a limited company for 15 of those and WIS, managing my accounts for the last 5 years, for have been the best of all. Handles all my tax questions quickly and comprehensively.
Prosenjeet B.
I’ve been taking services of WIS Accountancy for quite a few years now and they’re a bunch of really professional people.Each and every request is sorted in a very friendly and timely manner ensuring that I’m satisfied with the responses.What I’ve also noticed that their new joiners are also encouraged the same way so that people like can always expect the same level of helpfulness from their staff.I would highly recommend WIS Accountancy to anyone who’s thinking of stress-free delegation of their account management.
Bea K.
WIS Umbrella were supportive, responsive and friendly, providing ample advice and a professional service at a competitive rate for a first time contractor.
Zaid Z.
Proactive, ethical and customer-centric. For example, I had been between projects over the summer in a challenging market because of covid-19. WIS proactively got in touch to suggest pausing my monthly payments to help me during that challenging period! Wow. Truly amazing!
Jennifer M.
Berta T.
I highly recommend WIS. They are excellent professionals, efficient and really helpful team.
Srivastava S.
My experience has been extremely positive working at a professional level with WIS. Specifically, calling out for Ifthikar leading the business I engaged with, extremely professional while being a warm hearted individual. Also a big callout to Lindujan from the team, senior member who takes on responsibility, provides fast turn around and absolutely a delight to work with.Highly recommend this agency and worth considering!
Jawad U.
I've been with WIS Accountancy for about 7 years now and lately been using their sister company WIS Mortgages for my residential and buy to let mortgages.Professional service but at personal level and they are always on top of latest rules and regulations.Special thanks to Ifthikar and Lindujan to look after my accounts and mortgages.
Harish D.
Always responds to my emails very quickly and provides excellent support with clear instruction. I have also received great support for securing my home mortgage deal. Especially Ifthikar was great helpful in providing personalised suggestion and confidence. Thank you.
Bhabinder R.
Best decision I made was to go with WIS Accountancy when I started out contracted a few years ago. The professional and personable service they all give is amazing. They are like a one stop shop as whenever I have needed a particular service and spoken to them, they either have someone in house or provide a great recommendation. Really haven't needed to worry about anything since being with them, they handle everything with minimum disturbance to clients. I cant recommend them enough, they are amazing. From accountancy, mortgage, trademark, insurance, to investments, they provide a exceptional service.
Narayana R.
Ganesh P.
I am associated with WIS accountancy for last 5 years now, I am very much pleased with the service and happy to recommend their services to anyone looking for.
Katherine S.
I have been with WIS since 2013 as a contractor and have always found them to be incredibly helpful, responsive and honest. From setting me up as a limited company (and explaining how everything works around that) to providing advice when IR35 became relevant to me they have been great. I always recommend them to friends and colleagues.
P K.
I have been using WIS Accountancy for the last couple of years and have always found them very professional and reliable. They have consistently provided me with a quality service from the day one, they know the crux of the financial matters and equally great in customer relationships. All the staff at WIS have been very professional and friendly. I have had a great experience of service from their staff Shafiya, Akash and Aruni who have taken time to advise me on every query with great detail and care. I rate WIS very highly, if you need an accountant please do not hesitate to get in touch with them.
Krishna C
Have been with WIS for more than 8 years now and can safely say have received the best service. They carry out their work in good time and give plenty of notice for information they need, not rushing in the last hour. Will be very happy to recommend their services.
David J.
WIS have served me well now for over 3 and a half years. The portal is just fantastic and their staff exemplary. I haven't envisaged moving my business anywhere else. Just perfect!!
Gaurav S.
I have been with WIS Accountancy for past 6 years. Over these many years I have seen that they are very professional in the advice they have given me on all the accountancy matters so far. They are very good in responding to all the queries and provide a prompt service all the time.
Shakti P.
I had engaged WIS for accountancy services and I was very impressed by their professionalism. I particularly interacted with Pasan Fernando and I found him very responsive, knowledgable and humble to say the least. I highly recommend WIS accountancy for their services which is not only good quality but great value for money as well.
WiS have been recommended by one of my friends 4 years ago and since then they have been my accountants. Very thorough, responsive and flexible in attending to my queries. Never had a problem with them.
Vaddi L.
WIS is very professional, have always been helpful in dealing my doubts/questions. They are always available to discuss issues and are reassuring, practical and supportive of my business.
WIS provided timely service guidance at all times.
Claudia L.
This accountancy is super professional. I've been requiring their services for the last year and a half and I've never missed a deadline, nor had any issue. They are also available for any enquiries online and they are very attentive and kind. I couldn't recommend enough.
Candy M.
Amazing service, always helpful and prompt with their responses. Would highly recommend their services.
bharat d
WIS have consistently provided me with a quality and timely service from the day I was introduced to them. They are not only experts in financial matters but equally good at customer relationships and management. If you’re thinking of hiring an accountant, then do not hesitate to contact them, they are at the top of the league. Emails and telephone messages are replied to in detail and very quickly.
Girish K.
I have been WIS Accountancy for the past 3+ years and I must say they are a thoroughly professional bunch and always on top of what they do. Whenever I needed help or some documentation related to my company or taxes, they have been quick to respond and they have never charged me anything extra for the work. I would highly recommended them.
Miss K.
WIS have been managing my accounts for 4 years now and have exceeded expectations. They are excellent at what they do and have always been prompt and efficient. WIS have and continue to support clients in advising on IR35, accountancy and many other financial aspects. The team are fantastic in managing all aspects of ltd companies.Their portal is extremely easy to use and WIS regularly post a newsletter with updates. WIS look after you personally and even with a growing company value and take time out for everyone. I personally give my appreciation to Lindujan Sundararjan, Wijay, Esther Shahul and everyone else who has been extremely helpful in the smooth running of my accountancy. Thankyou all for your services - its an excellent service and I would recommend you to everyone.
Sachin M.
I am with WIS Accountancy for more than 6 years. The people here are brilliant - very responsive, professional and always there to help.
WIS have been my accountant company for 2 years and they've been professional, extremely efficient and very helpful. The WIS Portal is really easy to use so it saves a lot of time. They also offer many other financial services and send out useful e-newsletters to share important news.
Kausik S.
I've been using WIS Accountancy for more than 3 years now. The people here are brilliant - very responsive and always there to help. The portal is very easy to use, especially for recording & tracking expenses. It's been a pleasure working with WIS and would recommend them without any hesitation.
Naresh K.
All the staff at WIS are very professional and responsive. I have got in touch with most of the staff at WIS who are really very caring about your query, services , accounts , and do consider to look into details to response back. No limits how many times you have to contact WIS for any questions you have and even weekends responses when if urgent matter. It’s all within the fee you have agreed at first. No extra charges , no hidden T&Cs!!! I have really great experience of service from Shafiya who is really very down to earth, dedicated , and do listen carefully all your queries to work on them. A prompt response which is not very common from many accountancy firm in the market. Thanks Shafia, you're really very helpful every time I have ever spoke to you ( by phone, by email).
Kannan P.
Am delighted with Service provided by WIS in terms of quality, upto date on Tax and legislation changes. Sending news letter of the changes.Excellent Service in Accounts management.
Ranjan A.
I’ve been with WIS for the last 7 years, almost to the date but I’ve known them for about 10 years now. The reason for me to approach them when I needed an accountant was because of the way they handled my queries and dealt with me when I wasn’t even a paying client. It wasn’t a one off either. Over the years it’s come to be a second nature for me to pass on all of mine and my friends’ concerns and questions to Ifthikar and team whether it be accountancy or mortgage related. My referrals have stuck with WIS and I intend to as well. You are not just getting an accountancy or mortgage advice, you are getting a team that stands by you.Hope they continue the good work and keep expanding.
madhusudan P.
Zahid M.
Krishna C.
WIS accountancy is always professional and friendly at the same time and are available for any questions that I have however minor. I you would like a accountancy which does not charge you for every single interaction that you have as well as a friendly one, would definitely recommend them.
Carolina Calzada O.
WIS Accountancy has been looking after of our accountant for a couple of years and we really enjoy working with them. They are efficient and very responsive to our doubts and queries. They explained us everything really well which make it easy to understand any software we use for finance or how to make the right decisions with regards our finance. They are very attentive and everyone working there has been always extremely useful. I recommence you their services if you are looking for a new accountant firm.
Swaranjali R.
I can highly recommend WIS. I use majority of WIS financial services for my company and personal.WIS always have Customer satisfaction as priority and not only owners but staff as well go extra miles to achieve it. Recently , WIS did help to thousands of businesses to claim government grant and proved that without getting anything back they are consistently working on helping customers. I did get lot of help for my business during the hard time.
Gagan R.
WIS has been helping my ltd company with the accounts since last 10+ years. They have always been helpful, responsive with queries, proactive with suggestions and very easily approachable. I have always recommended them to my colleagues starting a ltd company and looking for help with accounts because of these qualities. In recent turbulent times they have been very helpful and have gone out of the way to help with CJRS claims and other related activities. Their service has always been 5-star rated. One of the best accounting services in market.
n D.
I have been using WIS Accountancy for the last few years and have always found them very reliable and friendly. I would definitely recommend them.
Sachin M.
First of all I want to wish WIS accountancy on completing their 10 years well in advance. I have been using their services just over 3 year and my experience so far is really wonderful. I have been served very well on my queries from day 1. All the staff members are very very active in responding to any queries. I would highly recommend their services to all my friends and work colleagues.Keep up the good work 🙂
Marcela K.
Amazing accountants to work with!
Vikas N.
Guru P.
5 star - We have been lucky to have Ifthikar as our accountant and Mortgage Adviser through WIS Accountancy. He is trustworthy, reliable, strictly attentive to detail, especially since he is dealing with very sensitive information. I would definitely recommend Ifthikar to anyone who needs a professional accountant and Mortgage advises.
Deepa K.
Reshan S.
I have had nothing but amazing service from the the start of my contracting career - would highly recommended for a professional, responsive, reliable and a transparent accountancy service.
Pavan K.
I've been using WIS Accountancy for 3 years now and have known other firms too, I can confidently say they are one of the finest and very professional firms in UK. They are always on top of their game, their staff are prompt and very responsive. Their team gives heads up well in advance, sends regular reminders and even calls if you are nearing the dates. They will not let you miss any submission dates or payments. Also, while all other accountants are charging minimum £50 per month for furlough claims Suneth and team are doing it without any fees to the clients. This is a great gesture from them in these difficult times. I highly recommend them with 5 stars :)- Pavan
I switched to WIS Accountancy from 2016 after my fried recommend them and later my wife also switched to WIS, I am very happy with their service and their advice from time to time, I highly recommended them!
ravi K.
Really very good excellent support from these company to me
Naga J.
WIS Accountacy Ltd is helping me in managing my Limited company for almost 5 years and it has been a great relationship. These guys are so approachable and reliable. I always count on them and trust their advise not just on accountancy matter, but also for other contractor services WIS is offering now. I highly recommend them.!
azad N.
I’ve been with WIS since 2015, ALWAYS experienced a great service, on hand for advice at a moment’s notice..... highly recommended!
Ranjit R.
WIS Accountancy always helps me in need for any accountancy query for my company. The team are very kind and considerate always.I would highly recommend the services of WIS.
Karthik G.
WIS has been our virtual CFO taking care of all aspects of account management. With their multi sites team, it been critical that we have always got the required support even during time like COVID-19. Personally have got my mortgages and other aspect of personal financial planning. Highly recommend the WIS and the team.
S S.
I am very pleased with services received form WIS. I have been using this accountancy since the incorporation of business, i.e. more than 4 years now. I have always got the BEST tax efficient advice for my business and team is always ready to help you with changes around rules and regulations in the UK. I find everyone in their team is very professional and responds quickly to your queries. I highly reccomend WIS to anyone who is seeking professional accountancy service. You guys deserve my 5/5!
Saravanakumar P.
Was referred to WIS by a good friend and am a happy satisfied customer. Their professionalism is quite extraordinary. Their timely response to all questions is something am amazed. I would definitely recommend WIS to all my friends. Special mention on the help and guidance rendered by Wijay and Lindujan. They always a go an extra mile to help customers.
Kenneth P.
I've been with WIS since the start of my contract journey which started over 6 years ago. WIS helped from setting up my company to opening up my business bank account to checking my contracts to streamlining all aspects of my business. All the staff are very knowledgeable and are on the ball with any changes. WIS provided me their service with my mortgage too, therefore I highly recommend WIS for all your accountancy and mortgage needs.
Niviya R
I have been with WIS accountancy for a good few years now and they have been an excellent support especially for me who worked in traditional IT and needed a little extra support when i was moving into self employment.They were always available when you need that help and guidance.Highly Recommend for IT consultants who want minimal overhead on periodic accounts maintenance and focus on the job at hand!
Tarun M.
WIS are simply brilliant with their services. Very reliable and helpful. The fact that they have branches in the mortgage industry is another positive. Highly recommended.
Saeed S.
Great customer service, very efficient and always on hand for advice. WIS accountancy are the best, highly recommended!
Eduardo S.
I have been a client of WIS Accountancy for almost two years. Ifthikar and his team helped me setting up everything I needed from the beginning and assisted me on every query I had. They also dealt with setting up my company's pension which was done very quickly. They keep on top of things all the time, from VAT returns to Corporation Tax and Self Assessments. The portal is very intuitive and useful, and it is updated regularly. It feels like they are part of my company. Absolute pleasure working with WIS Accountancy.
Nishan P.
WIS has been extremely professional in their dealings with me. They are not only my accountants but have helped us remortgage our property, setup our life insurance policies etc. What I also appreciate is that they chase me for VAT returns and tax payments to HMRC, rather than the other way around so they are always proactive. Suneth has been instrumental and always approachable. I have referred my friends and colleagues to WIS and will continue to do so.
Amit K.
I have been using WIS since I started my own Business. They helped to me setup the company and related formalities. They are bunch of good people who are at your support in no time. I get timely reminder for my act. Overall I am quite happy from WIS and highly recommend them. Thanks.
Keerthi U.
Very helpful and friendly accountancy firm. Excellent Service and deep understanding in freelancing market! I would highly recommend WIS Accountancy for anyone who needs accountancy services in UK
Raghu S.
I've been using WIS account since my company registered. They are quite friendly and helped in my business accounts. I always approached Suneth for my queries and he promptly responded them in short time. I've recommended many friends to use WIS accountants and few are already using them. Thanks guys for your great service.
Sam W.
WIS Accountancy team has been nothing but amazing. They so far has provided me with a professional and comprehensive service. As a small business owner, I cannot stress the importance of having a professional accounting team behind you who can give expert advice. WIS Accountancy has impressed me in every way.With WIS accountancy mobile app, it has been even more convenient for me to keep track of my expenses.WIS provide me a great value added service and I would highly recommend them to any small business owners or contractors.
Alan E.
WIS have been providing accountancy services to my business for over 4 years and their quality of service and offerings on additional services ( at competitive prices continues to effectively support me and my business. The team are professional in dealing with queries and ensures that all the paperwork is completed on time. Suneth who manages the team is very approachable and is able to provide clearly articulated responses which has helped me in several situations. Highly recommended.
Harsh S.
Very happy with the accountancy services provided by Suneth and his team. Always appreciate their prompt response and helping nature. I like their online portal wherein you can submit your expenses online in an easy way rather than sending excels or email. Also you can simply login and keep track of all your dividends, expenses, taxes,etc. The monthly charges are very competitive and you get much more for what you pay. I have recommended Suneth to many of my friends and they all are very happy with the advice & services.
Mrinal D.
Excellent accounting firm with best possible service one can expect for. Excellent customer service, everyone I spoke to always went extra miles to help. I have been with WIS Accountancy for accountancy services for about three months’ now, my experience has been excellent. Very prompt, informative, provide excellent advice, very professional. Much appreciated and highly recommend WIS Accountancy to anyone.
Angela D.
Most people I know are dissatisfied with their accountant and the service they provide. I on the other hand have been with WIS Accountancy for 7 years and have never had a complaint about the service and support they provide. They are efficient and thorough and I have recommended them to friends and colleagues in the past and will continue to recommend them in the future.
puneet G.
WIS Accountants have been looking after my company's accounts for the last 4 years and i have always been pleased with their excellent and prompt service. Their team is highly professional and knowledgeable and hard working. Suneth's personalised service and attention to detail is excellent. Apart from accountancy services, they also offer a range of other services like mortgages, will and trusts, investments and pensions etc. I have used their mortgage services in the past and Ifthikar helped me getting the best deal on the street at the time. I highly recommend WIS to anyone looking for the whole range of services these guys offer.
Aneysha M.
I am extremely pleased with the efficient and professional services provided by WIS, making it really easy for us to focus on our core business activities. I would highly recommend them.
Ritika B.
The Best accountancy service in UK. I am really happy and satisfied with WIS and their service. They give personal attention to every client and won’t treat you like a mere account number. I was with a big accountancy form before but was highly unsatisfied with their service and then my friend suggested WIS and they have been amazing! No matter how big or small query you ask they definitely reply within 1/2 hour with lots of explanation. They do really give good advice. I am a happy customer and I suggest them to everyone.
Ranjith G.
“Professional, efficient and trustworthy”Its been a pleasure doing business with you, I would recommend you to anyone.
Ashish R.
I switched to WIS accountancy 4 years ago from another big accountancy firm(needless to say charging double the amount). I have been impressed by WIS accountancies services. Suneth who has been my main point of contact has been very helpful and approachable. There has not been a single instance when my query has not been answered on the same day. You get all accountancy services at an affordable price. I would highly recommend my friends and colleague to opt for WIS.
Mike B.
Sharon Byfield: We have been clients of WIS Accountancy since we started our own small business 2.5 years ago. I recommend WIS very highly. Their charges are reasonable compared to other accountancy firms and there is a high level of customer service. All accounting functions such VAT returns and corporation tax returns are done in a timely and accurate manner. The WIS accountancy system is very user friendly - it is easy to enter expense details and also to view the financial status of the company so you can work out whether dividends can be taken and how much personal tax you will pay. Questions sent by email to the WIS team are always answered within 24 hours. For me as a first time business owner, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with WIS.
Harish R.
Perfect Accounting company with Brilliant people. very responsive to any sort of has a very good online portal which makes things very clear to understand. I am with WIS from past 5 months and my experience is very good.definitely Recommend.
Anuranga G.
I've moved to contracting after working number of years on permanent roles. WIS specialise in accounting services for contractors and provided an excellent service in setting up a limited company and initiating all the accounting requirements needed. What stood out was the professional and courteous manner the staff explained processes and procedures that one need to follow when running operating a limited company. They provide a very good online portal where you can manage your accounts and when you need to contact them clarify anything they are always there and very prompt in responding.
somen G.
Great bunch of people, brilliant company! There is a personal touch about WIS which I quite like and appreciate. WIS is always at hand to help and go the extra mile to ensure everything works smoothly for their clients. Thoroughly recommended.
Srikanth Reddy B
Perfect accountancy with great staff. I am with WIS from past 6 months and my experience is very good. They have a good portal to track all required things of my business. Staff helps a lot with explaining accountancy queries.
Me M.
I have been with WIS accountancy for almost 2 years now and I am happy to say that I have had a great experience dealing with everyone at WIS. Excellent service and very professional. Always available to provide expertise for every business needs, highly recommended! Thank you for all your help and assistance.
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Priyanka P.
WIS Mortgages Team is very professional and efficient in mortgage matters.
Josh H.
Extremely good service, work absolute wonders, feel as if you're their one and only client they are working for! Extremely helpful would definitely recommend! Thilini and team are fantastic l!
Tarun M.
The team at WIS mortgages are absolutely brilliant! They manage almost the entire process for you - from beginning to the end, and the response times are quick. The entire remortgage process was seamless. Would rate them very high and wouldn't hesitate to recommend WIS!
saireddy S.
I have recently had my switching the mortgage to new deal with them. The process was very smooth and all the information provided and requested is straight forward and they kept informed me about the progress of my application.I definitely recommend WIS mortgages.Happy customer.
Keertikar P.
WIS Mortgages Team is very professional, expert and efficient in mortgage matters. They understand the needs of customersare very prompt & responsive to the queries raised.Highly recommended for anyone looking for a mortgage.
Pulkit S.
Very helpful team, saved lot of my time sorting out good deals
Sanjaya A.
WIS is a professional organization who puts their customer first.It was easy to communicate with all representatives at WIS, and our remortgage was handled smoothly.Great customer experience and we would recommend WIS services to anyone.
T J W.
Brilliant company to work with. Courteous and professional. My agent is called Anoj and he made the transaction made easy. Highly recommended!!!!
Karan K.
Very professional team and easy to contact every member. Will definitely recommend them to other's and I am quite sure no one will be disappointed with there services.
vijay K.
Had an amazing experience with WIS Mortgages. They are so dedicated and patient with all your requests. Definitely recommend.
I approached WIS mortgages services following a recommendation and I have not been disappointed. From Day 1 the service was professional and very customer focussed. Everyone on the team takes ownership and are biased for action at every turn. Even at a difficult period and slowness with lenders , WIS team members were always pushing for results and in the end I got the mortgage in the requested timeframe. I will certainly use them for my next mortgages and more than happy to recommend them in my network. Star Team! Thank you.
I can’t recommend this company enough, I’m a returning customer and would not use anyone else ! Thank you Ifthikar and team.
Scott T.
Great service can not recommend highly enough.
Nandigam M.
Good and prompt service.. Understands needs perfectly... Always available for answering queries... Highly recommend for anyone looking for mortgage...
Ravikumar Thirumalai A.
yogesh P.
I truly enjoyed the entire transaction experience since beginning till closure, a very professional approach, and approach to walk an extra mile whenever needed.I recommend to all my friends.Thanks a lot.
Senthil A.
My first time dealing with WIS. Has been a great pleasure to work them. They worked hard to get the right value deal despite the Covid challenges. All of the team were very professional and extremely helpful in dealing with questions. I have already recommended them to a few of my friends.
Abhishek V.
Great services with quick turnaround from inception to mortgage offer in hand. WIS is prompt and remarkably efficient in meeting out their client expectations. Hence a 5 star rating overall for WIS!! Keep it up.
Radhish Raj R
I went with WIS as they are my Accountants too - and I am so glad that I did! At every turn they displayed the professionalism and accessibility I have come to expect from WIS.Lakna Rajapaksha was my point of contact and she was an absolute delight. She trudged through the heap of Help to Buy paperwork effortlessly and got everything in order very quickly. Dealings with the bank were really smooth as well.The best part of the whole experience for me was their availability at all reasonable times and willingness and unlimited patience to take the time to answer the deluge of questions we had.Overall, brilliant and professional and would definitely recommend.
Arvind B.
I truly appreciate the kind assistance provided by WIS team. It was really a good experience with them in terms of clear guidance, timely updates, option analysis, time-line prediction and taking our requirements into account. Thank you.
Vinay G
I have been using WIS Mortgages since 2018, initially for my first mortgage and later for remortgage deals. They have been excellent in finding me the best deals, communicating with clarity and updating me on a regular basis throughout the process. I have recommended them to many friends who have also found them to be very professional and providing a high quality service. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending WIS Mortgages to others in the future.
Pravachan G.
Very professional service provided by Ifthikar and his team members, I will highly recommend to others
Karthik R.
Very Helpful Mortgage Solutions and Responsive. They have provided Great Help and Support in finding the Mortgage. !
irfan M.
We recently purchased our second house. A friend of mine suggested WIS Mortgages. We spoke to the consultants about our situation as I am a self employed and my wife is in a permanent employment. The consultants were very helpful and seem to have a lot of experience in mortgages. It was a kind of one stop shop for the mortgage and insurance. It was a really smooth experience and we got our our mortgage decision within 5 days after applying. Now we are moved in after 8 weeks.I would definitely recommend WIS Mortgages to friends.
Krishna C.
I have been with WIS for a couple of years. Not only were they helpful w.r.t accountancy services, but are always very responsive even for ad hoc requests like documentation for parents visit visas etc ensuring that they have a happy client on the personal front as well. That I have my mortgage go through them which was done very smoothly is just the icing on the cake. Thanks Ifthikar and team for the awesome work you have been doing.
Ray P.
WIS Mortgages have helped me secure a new mortgage and also a number of remortgages. On all occasions the team was very thorough in eliciting my requirements and matching these with the best deals. I have found WIS Mortgages to be very professional, clear and efficient in all our communications. I would have no hesitation recommending WIS Mortgages to my friends and family.
Emma W.
I count on WIS for various aspects of financial advice and they haven't let me down! When my mortgage was up for renewal they gave me sound advice that was tailored to my circumstances and has saved me a significant amount of money in terms of interests and repayments. Not only that, they quickly sorted out the new mortgage for me - the process was completely painless. Thank you, WIS!
Really happy with the services provided by WIS Mortgages and Insurance.. Highly Professional and very helpful and clear. Will recommend them to all
Swaraj R.
I have been using their accountancy services since Nov 2017 that too recommended by a friend but have never looked back since.The time came for me to approach their mortgage services as I am a contractor/self-employed. So to avail a mortgage was a bit challenging but WIS mortgages helped me out.They not only got me a good deal but kept me abreast about every minute detail possible when it came to home buying.Would not hesitate a bit in recommending them to anyone who wants to avail a mortgage being self-employed.
Karthik S.
My recent remortgage was handled by WIS Mortgages team. Throughout the process they were very helpful and ensured that the completion was done successfully on time. Thanks WIS team for making it a smooth process.
Suresh Babu A.
WIS processed remortgage for my house ,Very professional and supportive, I can recommend..
deep m
I have been working with WIS for last 7 years, Been using contract/umbrella Company and mortgage services. I found them very responsive, professional and knowledgeable.
deepesh R.
WIS mortgages helped me secure a mortgage which, being a contractor, I thought was very difficult , specially in this current COVID situation. They helped throughout the process and made the whole experience stress free. They are very professional and I highly recommend them.
Razia G.
WIS mortgages are very professional and experienced mortgage service providers. They are very easy to approach and always there to assist with any questions we have regarding mortgage. We have used WIS mortgages multiple times for remortgaging, porting products and corporate mortgages etc. Ifthikar always provides a personalised service that gives us more confidence and respect for me. We would absolutely recommend WIS mortgages and cannot thank enough for making our journey of buying house hassle free.
Gnaneswaran K.
I have used WIS Mortgage service for my first house purchase. They were very helpful when securing the mortgage and got a very good interest rate. Being as a contractor, securing a mortgage is bit challenge, but with WIS it was a easy process. I will recommend WIS Mortgages to my friends in future or whenever needed. All the very best team. Thanks.
giridhar V.
I have used WIS mortgages for over 5 years for all my mortgages. They are very quick in responding and the team keep checking out best options in the markets until completion. Highly dedicated and motivated team.
Raju L.
It’s a excellent team at WIS. They are professionals and very knowledgeable.What sets them apart from other firms is their personal service, you are not just an entry in their system but you will get a personal attention all the time.This is very very needed interns of mortgages as each case situation is different.200% recommended.
Manmohan S.
Its already 6 years with them and cannot praise enough for the value WIS team provides me with all my limited company's accounting needs. I've dealt with other accountancy firms in the past and WIS are not your average accountants, always professional, willing to help, timely and go the extra mile. I really like the personal approach these guys take and other value added servcies they cover making them one-stop-shop for most of my financial needs. Highly recommended.
Being a contractor, I was recommended to WIS mortgages by a friend. Accordingly, I did my remortgage with WIS. I was very happy with professional service from Ifthikar and his team e.g. getting a good deal, producing the right documents, finally getting the remortgage. Highly recommended!
Pravat M.
Me being a contractor, I have taken WIS mortgage service multiple times and would recommend them highly. I find them very professional with an excellent service. Contractors looking for mortgage must give them a try.
Nisha O.
Amazing service, the team at WIS made the whole journey of buying my first home so smooth. Exceptional service and such an amazing team, response times were so efficient and the team really helped me to understand the process each step of the way. They helped so much with chasing up and making sure completion was as smooth and quick as possible. Highly recommend the team so talented and experienced at what they do. Thank you for making my experience so comfortable and efficient ! I look forward to working with you again !
Vikas A.
From start to finish, the team was exceptional. They helped with all aspects and even did chase up with others as and when required. Despite the pandemic and circumstances beyond anybody's control, they managed to complete as per originally agreed timelines
sat P.
I am a contractor and did my remortgage with WIS. They were helpful in getting me a good deal and help we through the process end to end. Keep up the good work.(y)
Prosenjeet B.
Being a self-employed person who owns a property, it was quite a difficult job to find a suitable mortgage or re-mortgage. This is where WIS Mortgages specializes. They not only understands the pay pattern of contractors like us but also able to suggest the right path.Like any other mortgage providers, they are good in finding good deals too and are very responsive to your queries.
Anand T.
Contractor/Self-Employed Re-Mortgage:Excellent team of professionals, sorted my re-mortgage without hassle. Will definitely use them in future. Highly recommend.
ashish A.
I took help from WIS mortgages for remortgaging my current property and also buying a new one. It was a complex situation but WIS mortgages were able to sort out both mortgages and managed to get very good rate. They were always available to answer my questions. I was a bit worried initially as I was working as a contractor but WIS rightly assured me that everything will be managed and they were right!!Highly recommend WIS mortgage based on my experience.
Nataraj B.
We went with WIS on recommendation from a friend and were delighted at the service. We found the staff listened & understood our requirements, all ways available to answer any questions that we have had. We were converting the existing home into buy-to-let and along with new house purchase; WIS staff worked out the numbers and had to redo a couple of times due to buy-to-let mortgage shortfall. Staff at WIS were patient and worked out the numbers, resubmit and reapprovals on the new purchase, making it a seamless and troublefree transaction. Thanks a lot and going to come back for a remortgage.
Dani J.
I have used WIS mortgages a few times now for mortgage and remortgages, they are very friendly and highly professional. More importantly they have always gone the extra mile , following up every step of the process and have always secured the best rates possible compared to what I could find elsewhere. Highly recommended!
Naved S.
WIS has helped me get my first mortgage and remortgage, to be honest the best service you can get. Me and wife were worried about all the paperworks and mortgage thing but Ifthikar explained us personally, in my remortgage I had few options but WIS provided the more economical option. i definitely recommend their services. They understand your need and treat it with utmost flexibility.
Javed K.
Excellant service provided by WIS.I used there services for the accountancy and to get the mortgage/remortgage .They are very friendly and helpful, provided the best rates in the market both the times.I am very pleased with the service provided by WIS. Thanks to Ifthikar and his team. Highly recommend
Angad B.
Was contracting for the first time and realised only a few lenders would consider my mortgage application. WIS helped me to find the right lender first go. Would recommend..
Ariba S.
WIS Mortgages provided an expert mortgage advice for a contractor like myself, assisted me from start to end of my mortagage application for my first home, taking time out to answer any questions I may have, making the whole journey very smooth. For an individual like myself who works as an interim employee or contractor they sourced the best available rates from the whole of the market. Very helpful, informed and supportive team and organisation.
Kajan P.
I was recommended to WIS mortgages by a friend and I can say that these guys were excellent throughout the whole process.They are very responsive and were very clear in all the options available to me and helped me make an informed decision. Once the product was chosen they made sure the whole process until completion was smooth! HIghly recommended!
Reddy L.
WIS Mortgages helped me couple of times. WIS Team has access to wide range of mortgage products, I received great deals both the times. They are very professional, easy to approach, happy to take time and explain if there are any questions and also follow up regularly with all other parties like solicitor, Estate agent to make the transaction smooth. I highly recommend WIS Mortgages for any one who likes to avail mortgage/re-mortgage services.
Nadeem A.
A very professional mortgage service accomplished by Ifthikar and team. Got a very good deal for my remortgage. I would love to recommend.Best of luck to WIS.
Bilal A.
The whole transaction was handled in a very professional and timely manner. Would recommend without any reservations. Process explained in a easy to understand way and help was only a call away. Thanks
Manish J.
Friendly people and professional service!I took WIS Mortgages service, first for my residential mortgage and then for re-mortgage. And both times, I got the best available rates in the market and profession advice on the subject. They manage all the paperwork very efficiently and always available to discuss with my Estate Agent and Solicitor when needed. Very pleased with the complete process. Keep up the good work WIS Team!
Anoj F.
n D.
I have used WIS Mortgages for few years. They have provided me with good recommendations and their service is great
Nitin M.
Such a wonderful team. In general I do not trust brokers irrespective any industry ;-). But with WIS mortgages, I confidently say TRUSTWORTHY.Dealt my case with utmost importance as if I am the only client for them :-D. However, I am sure that's not the case and all the clients are equally important to them.The benefits I can see now. Thanks Ifthikar and Kasuni
Haris Structural C.
I have been really lucky to come across the team of WIZ Mortgages. They have done two mortgages for two properties for me, both were at Market beating rates. About 3 yrs ago, me and my wife went around to many brokers and banks, looking for advice to plan our next home. However, the answer was the same, you need more money or reduce your liabilities to nothing. Team at WIZ Accounrancy however, tried to understand our financial situation with the focus purely based upon our requirements. They took all our financial details, and did their due diligence to come back with a plan, to realise our dreams. Within 4 months, I moved into a newer property and was ready to become a landlord. The key difference with WIZ team and other brokers was that, they do not apply a blanket criteria for their customers. Instead, they strive to find the right set of mortgage that would fit with the customers need. I will definitely use their services again and highly recommend them to the new customers.
Rajeev C.
WIS accountancy manage and provide support to my company since 2014. They are very organised and taken care of my accounts work very well. The staff are very supportive and prompt for any kind of query. Time to time provide necessary information about HMRC rules and new changes in the accounts.I am really happy with their service and support.ThanksRajeev
Narayana R.
Ifthikar and his entire WIS mortgages team are outstanding. Hats off to their help, suggestions, knowledge depth around mortgages, finances and more over their patience in listening to their customer. They are part of our house purchases journies and their continuous support throughout was outstanding. Ifthikar, he is not just a mortgage advisor to me, he is a like brother whom I can trust n rely on .. I don't need to worry about remortgages or insurance renewals as they are very proactive in sorting out for me ... @WIS Team, thank you very much for your continuous help. I wish you all, all the best ..
Lokesh G.
Perfect advice! I took Wis Mortgages service for purchase of 2 properties. I got the best available rates in the market for new residential mortgage and Remortgages. Perfect advice to manage the funds and paperwork to avoid any surprises. Very pleased with them. Definitely recommend.
Ajai S.
Fantastic people to work with ... kept me informed every step of the way and responses were very quick. Dealing with WIZ was hassle free.
Satya N.
Great Team and very good serviceI am very happy with WIS Mortgages end to end process for my Remortgage
Pavithra B.
Thanks a lot team. Happy mortgage and WIS team collaborative team work got us the best deal in the market during our remortgage process. Even if they find good deal team calculates all the benefits and keep customer informed and reworks on paperwork without any hesitation and completes the process. I would recommend to all friends for anything in future. Well done team. Keep up the good work.
N A.
WIS mortgages are very professional and experienced mortgage service providers, easy to approach and always their to assist and enlighten you with any questions you have with your mortgage, we have used WIS mortgage services twice now, to buy our first house and to re-mortgage it after 2 years. On both occasion, we have had an excellent service from WIS mortgages, hassle free, quick and very efficient. We would absolutely recommend WIS mortgages and cannot thank enough for making our journey of buying a house a seamless experience.
Pooja J.
It was smooth and swift experience, Thank you very much to WIS Team .
mili K.
I would highly recommend WIS to anyone excellent customer service, especially first time buyers like myselfHelp me get best mortgage and remortgage deal without any stress .They kept me updated with progress without me asking them.Ifthikar and team were very professional, friendly & helpful.I am with WIS accountancy for more than 8 years and counting and I always received excellent level of service from them 🙂 . Well done WIS ! *****
Satya srinivas B.
WIS mortgages really helped us on re-mortage and the sevice was really good ... the whole process was very good ... un-stressy with good nice interest rate in the market. They have really very nice team and communicates eveything on time with all status.
Sreedhar G
Excellent service. WIS team had done great job with my mortgage approval process.
Hasna M.
I have used WIS Mortgages for my first mortgage and also for my renewal 2 years later. The customer service is honestly brilliant. My first mortgage was a long process and they were great all through the journey. I put my offer in before I even had a mortgage in principle in place and they stormed through it and got me the best deal I could afford. Second time again, fantastic. Iftikar, Shihara, Tersha and the team made my life a lot easier! Great company fully recommend!
Nadeera W.
Great service and such a friendly and efficient team. Got our initial mortgage and remortgage sorted efficiently and didn’t have any stress at all. Would always recommend WIS for all their brilliant services.
Pradeep A.
Great company, great people and great service. My mortgage was sorted without any hassle. Will recommend to anyone!
deepthi B.
WIS team have been helping us with our mortgage and re-mortgage. We are always pleasantly surprised by them offering better than the best mortgage deals available in the market. They have been very prompt in answering all our million queries and do not hesitate to chase when something was pending from us. Would highly recommend them anytime.Ifthikar and team are world class!
Shefali S
Have been using WIS group for last 8 years. Very satisfied with their services. Be it accounts, life insurance, mortgages, they have been outstanding.Recently used their mortgage services for remortgaging. The team was on it from day one. Ifthikar, Tersha, Shihara, Inuri all were so helpful and found the best deal for me. They were very good and quick to get it done. I did not have to worry about any thing. They kept me updated with the progress. Excellent team. I would definitely recommend them for a hassle free and best deal.
Sobia A.
Absolutely brilliant team, very responsive and got me a fantastic mortgage rate. I had no issues with the entire process, everything was explained to me in detail, and I asked a lot of questions which were answered with patience and professionalism. I highly recommend WIS Mortgages!
Vin N.
Amazing team of mortage specialists. Very friendly and approachable. Made my whole mortage approval process a stress free experience. Went above and beyond for an issue with my application and sorted out the issues at lightning speed. Highly recommend them. Great work team, keep it up.
Yogesh R.
We are quite pleased with the service we received from WIS Mortgages with our remortgage. They found us a deal and helped us save money. The process was very smooth too. Hope to speak to you again in future. Thanks team WIS.
Gaurav B.
WIS Mortgages has a very dedicated and knowledgeable team. They tend to go an extra mile to provide exceptional services. I have been using their services and I am very happy with it. I would highly recommend it!
Skaria A
My experience with WIS mortgages was very good. WIS were very professional in their attitude, always keeping me informed of things. They did lot of hard work behind the scenes. They were always available when required. In my case, to expedite things (bank was delaying the process at their end of no reason) WIS Mortgages intervened and made it happen.I will again work with WIS Mortgages in the future.Skaria
Sameer D.
I used WIS mortgages for the first time. It was best experience. I had mortgage that involved two properties, it was complex indeed. WIS made it possible with very smooth transition from my previous lender to the new lender. They proposed best possible solution in my circumstances and kept me updated during the whole process. I definitely recommend them for anything related to accounts or mortgages.
Manoj D.
Really happy with the personalised and profession service from WIS Mortgages. The Advisors were quick to respond to any queries or accommodate any changes I requested. Would use them again
Alok D.
I am very thankful for WIS Mortgage's professional, responsive and honest assistance with the whole mortgage process from beginning to the end. They made themselves available to me via any method of my choice - email or cell phone, which I appreciated and took advantage of. Iftikhar kept me updated by sending an email at the end of the day, every day. I am grateful for all of Iftikhar's work he devoted to my First home purchase. I would definitely recommend WIS mortgages.
Amit R.
WIS has been the easiest mortgage providers i have ever encountered. The amazing thing is they take all of your burdens and find out the best deal possible in the best possible way. I had a very complex type of mortgage and they just made it so easy for me with cheapest mortgage rates. The people at WIS are extremely helpful and they listen to your needs and understand the requirement. I cannot end writing good things about them. I would highly recommend their service. A very good experience indeed.
Anshu D.
WIS Mortgages are simple amazing! very high quality service, totally customer focused. You are never left uninformed, every detail is followed up and you get an answer or followup to any of your queries in litrelly mins. They can provide you with the best of the deals customised for your situation and needs. They have gone far more than our expectations. Others that I have tried in the past come no where close to their customer service. Ifthikar and Team coordinated with everyone involved, ranging from the Mortgage Lender, the solicitors, the property agents. Thanks very much guys!!
Naga J.
WIS, You guys are excellent, thank you very much. Apart from finding a good deal, having some to provide timely responses and support during the mortgage process is very important and with you, i have always got that. Thank you very much
Ponraj S.
I was worried at first that the changes in my circumstances would not be able to get me a mortgage. However, the team at WIS spoke to a few lenders and found me the right mortgage based on my circumstances putting my mind at ease. I would 100% recommend WIS Mortgages to anybody that requires a mortgage.
Hemantkumar G.
I experienced going through the process of buying house with WIS Mortgages and in my personal humble opinion I would rate it as excellent.Purchasing a property is not as straightforward as it might deceivingly sound, especially with the changes in law, market and so many other factors contributing, you need someone who has the required expertise and knowledge in terms of guiding someone through this long cumbersome process. All the advices I got from WIS Mortgages were absolutely professional, be it choosing the lender, time for buying property or helping with documentation.Task of getting into property ladder was making me nervous as I always wanted to buy a house but somehow seemed to be lost with “where to go, speak or start”. Being a first-time buyer, I saw how my decisions based on WIS’s professional advices were so fruitful and if I was doing it all by myself, I could have been on the losing end. Having said that, I think, if I would ever buy property again, I would always go with WIS Mortgages, as I now know, it’s absolutely difficult to manage everything by myself.I highly recommend WIS Mortgages and I am sure, you’ll say the same when you see the quality of their professional service.
M P B.
WIS Mortgages have secured two re-mortgages in 3 months advance for me. They include one residential and one Buy-To-Let Mortgage. As a contractor it is sometimes very hard to get right Mortgage and need to submit lots of documentation. I found going through WIS Mortgages is easy and hassle free, as I just submitted my personal details with minimal documentation. Thus they did rest of all the job and cherry picked two Lenders for me with few options. I have chosen right one which suits me and completed both the Mortgages recently without any issues. It's a smooth transition from old Lender to new Lender. WELL DONE WIS Mortgages and thank you very much for help. It's pleasure going through you!!! 👌👌👌Mohan Bhavanam
Amjad G.
Great service, I have now used them about 3 times and they have never let me down. WIS present you with suitable deals based on the circumstances and be with you all the way through to completion. They even chase your solicitors on your behalf!Good job guys, keep going!
RaviShankar A.
WIS Mortgages made my first home buying experience look more simpler than I imagined and expected based on what I understood from lot of information I had. They took the initiative, kept me informed and advised at crucial junctures to help me get the best product, rate and service I could ever imagine.I could not praise enough the professional approach and availability of the team in ensuring I was always ready with details. Being a contractor and getting the product and rate I got was really great result. Please give them and opportunity and I am definitely sure that you will write a review like me..
venkatraju P.
Excellent service with WIS Mortgage team. I went through them for my 2 properties. Ifthikar has lot of patience, he patiently listened to my circumstances and provided proper guidance.The entire process was smooth, transparent and hassle free. I would definitely recommend WIS mortgage.
Pradeep A.
Great service, very transparent and helpful. These guys have tie up with many lenders and got me the best possible rate. I thoroughly recommend WIS mortgages. The whole process was very smooth and hassle free.
Kuldeep M.
Great services from WIS Mortgages. Happy to recomend anyone.
Ananda S.
Very nice experience throughout the process. Ifthikar and co were very helpful and as a first time buyer I needed quite a lot of their time for getting explanation at each step. Plenty of options presented to me with explanation for each one while choosing a lender, indeed that helped to choose the right one for me. When things were going bit slow on Solicitor side they continuously chased them to make it happen on time without any hassle. I would highly recommend them.
R B.
Effortless mortgage advice provided by WIS Mortgages. Good people to deal with for any future mortgages. Very pleased with the service.
Faisal A.
I am an IT Contractor. In the past sometimes It is difficult to get the best deal and also maximum borrowing. Contractor mortgages are not very easy to obtain.However, WIS team helped me get a very good rate and maximize my borrowing - they used my day rate and I was able to borrow the amount I wanted.There is usually a lot of paperwork - but because WIS Mortgages and WIS Accountancy work so closely - I had very less paperwork to deal with. They had all my details.Similar with follow-ups with the bank and with solicitors. Everything was taken care of from start to finish. So I was always informed and had peace of mind. Very different from previous mortgage experiences that took a long time.Ifthikar and Suneth even suggested I go for Relevant Life cover and pay insurance through the company so I can make tax savings.We even discussed Inheritance Tax planning.Overall I am very satisfied with the service and that they even helped me make savings.
Jawad U.
Thanks a lot WIS team for such a great service. I've used WIS mortgages couple of times and always a five star service.Thanks Ifthikar for all the time you spent explaining details and giving me updates.
Chandrakant S.
I would like to thanks for an excellent service provided by the WIS Mortgage team, delivered as promised. Keep it up.
Andrei M.
The whole process was extremely smooth. Clear communication on all the steps, they have even requested the updates from my solicitor to keep me up to date. All details about mortgage and mortgage application were clearly explained.I've made a quote through another company, however WIS Mortgage had a wider range of lenders and better APR without any charges.P.S. The next day after moving into a new house we got a small present - really nice touch 🙂
ramu C.
WIS Mortgages has been extremely professional. They kept me updated at each stage during the mortgage. I would highly recommend to all my friends without any hesitation.My heart filled thanks to each member of the team, Specially Ifthikar and Inuri for keeping me informed during the entire process
surender K.
Ifthikar and the WIS team coordinated my product transfer with no hassle to me.They helped me find the best product and ensured that I would not have to pay the expensive SVRThey kept very close contact from start to end. I would highly recommend them
Prasanna Iyyappan S.
WIS Mortgages deserve 7 stars for their outstanding service delivered seamlessly!1) Fast and efficient in Mortgage advisory and brokerage services2) Excellent communication by keeping clients up to date on the progress of application3) Detailed information with appropriate documentation submitted to ensure smooth application processOverall, "Best In Class" service tailor made to serve clients in a highly sophisticated UK Mortgage market!All the best Ifthikar, Nivethini & Team!
Yogender S.
Chrismal P.
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