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We will pay you on time, everytime and we will take care of all your tax and NIC.
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Why Choose WIS Umbrella

Supporting you throughout your business journey with these accountancy services:

Fast Registration

Our registration process is quick and easy - one page, five steps and you can start your work within 24 hours.

Next Day Payments

We pay the very next day, into your personal account, with no additional fee for the transfer.


If your circumstances change and you need to move from the umbrella to a limited company, that’s fast and simple too, and there’s no additional charge.

Dedicated Liaison Officer

With WIS, you get a dedicated personal employee liaison officer – someone who knows you and your work and will respond quickly to your queries, whether they arrive by email or phone.

Online Portal

We have a smart online portal for submitting timesheets and expenses, and viewing payslips, which works just as well on your mobile as from your desktop.

5 Star Reviews

But don’t take our word for it – we have five-star ratings on both Google reviews and Facebook based on customers’ own positive experiences of working with us.

What is an umbrella company?

Third-party umbrella companies, sometimes called ‘payroll umbrellas’, offer contractors a convenient way to remove the burden of timesheet processing, invoicing, and pay. They employ contractors directly, paying them through PAYE on behalf of the end client.

Why use an umbrella company?

Put simply, they keep arrangements clean and simple.

Many firms prefer contractors to take this approach, too, because it reduces paperwork and complexity on their side. As well as easier administration, umbrella companies offer a full range of employee rights and benefits – from sick pay to maternity leave.

For those who find themselves undertaking one short contract after another, working through an umbrella can reduce bureaucracy and paperwork.

They can also be a great way to dip your toe in the world of contracting with minimal fuss and trouble, to decide if it is the long-term career path for you.

What Would Be Your Take-home Pay?

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Daily Rate
£ 200
  • Employers NI & Levy: £446.40
  • Employee NI: £364.15
  • Employee PAYE Tax: £556.02
  • Total Tax: £1,366.57
  • Margin: £60.00
  • Total Net Income: £2,907.43
Daily Rate
£ 400
  • Employers NI & Levy: £988.31
  • Employee NI: £474.10
  • Employee PAYE Tax: £2,003.87
  • Total Tax: £3,466.29
  • Margin: £60.00
  • Total Net Income: £5,141.71
Daily Rate
£ 600
  • Employers NI & Levy: £1,530.22
  • Employee NI: £549.94
  • Employee PAYE Tax: £3,520.71
  • Total Tax: £5,600.88
  • Margin: £60.00
  • Total Net Income: £7,341.12
Daily Rate
£ 800
  • Employers NI & Levy: £2,072.13
  • Employee NI: £625.78
  • Employee PAYE Tax: £5,120.37
  • Total Tax: £7,818.24
  • Margin: £60.00
  • Total Net Income: £9,457.72

Umbrella Vs. Limited Company

Contractors employed through umbrellas pay more tax than if they operated their own limited company.

On top of that, they must also make national insurance contributions (NICs) and pay the umbrella company’s fees.

For many, though, that additional price is more than good value given the ease of the arrangement, and the reduction in administration costs.

Forming your own limited company, on the other hand, will usually mean you take home more of your pay, but brings with it many legal and tax obligations, including submitting annual accounts and keeping formal records.

It also incurs administrative costs which might be more or less bearable depending on your earnings.

Another important point to consider is IR35, which does not apply to workers who are employed by an umbrella company.

IR35 applies only to limited company arrangements.

If a worker is ‘outside’ IR35, they are entitled to draw dividends from the company which do not attract NICs.

If they are ‘inside’ IR35, they must take their salary through PAYE or the umbrella company.

Claiming Expenses

Operating within the structures of a limited company offers opportunities to claim expenses against the business.

If you buy office equipment, for example, or subscribe to essential trade journals, you will be able to deduct those costs from your company’s turnover.

Working under an umbrella company means you won’t have this option.

In broad terms, you will be treated like a permanent employee, so you won’t be able to claim tax relief against the cost of your commute to the office, for example, or ordinary meals taken during a standard working day.

If you have a valid chargeable expense that was reimbursed to you from your clients, such allowable expenses are simply a reimbursement of the actual expenditure incurred and can be paid back to you free of income tax and NICs.


No, WIS will not do this.


We are happy to work with you to decide whether the umbrella or limited company structure will work best for you, but it is always best to be straightforward and honest, and compliance with UK tax law is non-negotiable.


We advise against using offshore arrangements, complex pay-by-loan schemes, or other risky tax-avoidance measures.

There is no straightforward answer. Everybody’s circumstances are different, and we recommend an in-depth conversation with one of our advisers. For a quick readout, though, use our take-home pay calculator above. Call us on 020 30 111898 and we will be happy to help.
We charge £60 per pay run for the administration of the umbrella. PAYE tax, NICs and a contribution to the apprenticeship levy are deduced from the fee that is charged to contracting companies or agencies. We regularly run special promotions and it is best to call us to agree on the final fee.

WIS will process tax payments through PAYE. If all of your work is conducted through us it is unlikely you will need to complete a separate self-assessment tax return.

There are exceptions, however, such as if you were at any point in the preceding tax year:


  • self-employed as a ‘sole trader’ and earned more than £1,000
  • a partner in a business partnership
  • rented out a property
  • earned tips or commission
  • derived income from savings, investments or dividends

We can definitely assist you with this if needed through our accountancy company, for which separate terms and conditions apply.

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Our Reviews

We have many happy clients from across the UK. Please take a moment to read our reviews. You can also leave us a Google review here.
Richard W.
The stars and the qualitative ratings say what you need to know. WIS Umbrella have served me well as a contractor, always been responsive and professional and offer a personal touch to the service they offer. I highly recommend them.
Sivaji K
I have been using WIS for nearly an year and their service is top notch. You can expect always prompt response and very friendly staff. They helped me running my payroll and self assessment with out any trouble. They explained me all terms clearly during the start and very good value plus good quality. Indeed very professional. too 5 out of 5 with out a second thought
Harsh K.
I have been using WIS's accountancy services for 4 + years now. They've been extremely professional. Especially Lindujan and Ifthikar have been really helpful and provides personalised support. Thanks WIS team!
Arun M.
Excellent Client care and very responsive team. They give enough notice and information for the business to take decisions. They embrace the technology for transparency and access to information on demand.
Edmund W
The range and quality of the services provided by WIS are comprehensive and top class.WIS has been helping with mortgage find and applicatiin, setting up my company and maintaing my company accounts.In a time that regulations are increasingly rigourous and demanding. We cant afford to be complacent. Having a great team that act on your interest is critical.WIS comfortably fits the requirements and has exceeded my expectation.Regards,Edmund W from East London
Ade O.
I’ve been a client of WIS Accountancy for many years and I must say that their quality of service has been consistently high from day one! They’ve managed to build a team of dedicated and knowledgeable (always on-top of the various regulatory changes & challenges) professionals and I would highly recommend them for your accountancy needs.
David B.
I have contracted for 18 years using various entities. As a limited company for 15 of those and WIS, managing my accounts for the last 5 years, for have been the best of all. Handles all my tax questions quickly and comprehensively.
Prosenjeet B.
I’ve been taking services of WIS Accountancy for quite a few years now and they’re a bunch of really professional people.Each and every request is sorted in a very friendly and timely manner ensuring that I’m satisfied with the responses.What I’ve also noticed that their new joiners are also encouraged the same way so that people like can always expect the same level of helpfulness from their staff.I would highly recommend WIS Accountancy to anyone who’s thinking of stress-free delegation of their account management.
Bea K.
WIS Umbrella were supportive, responsive and friendly, providing ample advice and a professional service at a competitive rate for a first time contractor.
Zaid Z.
Proactive, ethical and customer-centric. For example, I had been between projects over the summer in a challenging market because of covid-19. WIS proactively got in touch to suggest pausing my monthly payments to help me during that challenging period! Wow. Truly amazing!
Jennifer M.
Berta T.
I highly recommend WIS. They are excellent professionals, efficient and really helpful team.
Srivastava S.
My experience has been extremely positive working at a professional level with WIS. Specifically, calling out for Ifthikar leading the business I engaged with, extremely professional while being a warm hearted individual. Also a big callout to Lindujan from the team, senior member who takes on responsibility, provides fast turn around and absolutely a delight to work with.Highly recommend this agency and worth considering!
Jawad U.
I've been with WIS Accountancy for about 7 years now and lately been using their sister company WIS Mortgages for my residential and buy to let mortgages.Professional service but at personal level and they are always on top of latest rules and regulations.Special thanks to Ifthikar and Lindujan to look after my accounts and mortgages.
Harish D.
Always responds to my emails very quickly and provides excellent support with clear instruction. I have also received great support for securing my home mortgage deal. Especially Ifthikar was great helpful in providing personalised suggestion and confidence. Thank you.
Bhabinder R.
Best decision I made was to go with WIS Accountancy when I started out contracted a few years ago. The professional and personable service they all give is amazing. They are like a one stop shop as whenever I have needed a particular service and spoken to them, they either have someone in house or provide a great recommendation. Really haven't needed to worry about anything since being with them, they handle everything with minimum disturbance to clients. I cant recommend them enough, they are amazing. From accountancy, mortgage, trademark, insurance, to investments, they provide a exceptional service.
Mujahed S.
I can highly recommend WIS. WIS Team has provided me with good service. They have been responsive as well, I have used their accountancy services, book keeping is really good and explanation of accounts is clear.
Narayana R.
Ganesh P.
I am associated with WIS accountancy for last 5 years now, I am very much pleased with the service and happy to recommend their services to anyone looking for.
Katherine S.
I have been with WIS since 2013 as a contractor and have always found them to be incredibly helpful, responsive and honest. From setting me up as a limited company (and explaining how everything works around that) to providing advice when IR35 became relevant to me they have been great. I always recommend them to friends and colleagues.
P K.
I have been using WIS Accountancy for the last couple of years and have always found them very professional and reliable. They have consistently provided me with a quality service from the day one, they know the crux of the financial matters and equally great in customer relationships. All the staff at WIS have been very professional and friendly. I have had a great experience of service from their staff Shafiya, Akash and Aruni who have taken time to advise me on every query with great detail and care. I rate WIS very highly, if you need an accountant please do not hesitate to get in touch with them.
Krishna C
Have been with WIS for more than 8 years now and can safely say have received the best service. They carry out their work in good time and give plenty of notice for information they need, not rushing in the last hour. Will be very happy to recommend their services.
David J.
WIS have served me well now for over 3 and a half years. The portal is just fantastic and their staff exemplary. I haven't envisaged moving my business anywhere else. Just perfect!!
Gaurav S.
I have been with WIS Accountancy for past 6 years. Over these many years I have seen that they are very professional in the advice they have given me on all the accountancy matters so far. They are very good in responding to all the queries and provide a prompt service all the time.
Shakti P.
I had engaged WIS for accountancy services and I was very impressed by their professionalism. I particularly interacted with Pasan Fernando and I found him very responsive, knowledgable and humble to say the least. I highly recommend WIS accountancy for their services which is not only good quality but great value for money as well.
WiS have been recommended by one of my friends 4 years ago and since then they have been my accountants. Very thorough, responsive and flexible in attending to my queries. Never had a problem with them.
Vaddi L.
WIS is very professional, have always been helpful in dealing my doubts/questions. They are always available to discuss issues and are reassuring, practical and supportive of my business.
WIS provided timely service guidance at all times.
Claudia L.
This accountancy is super professional. I've been requiring their services for the last year and a half and I've never missed a deadline, nor had any issue. They are also available for any enquiries online and they are very attentive and kind. I couldn't recommend enough.
Candy M.
Amazing service, always helpful and prompt with their responses. Would highly recommend their services.
bharat d
WIS have consistently provided me with a quality and timely service from the day I was introduced to them. They are not only experts in financial matters but equally good at customer relationships and management. If you’re thinking of hiring an accountant, then do not hesitate to contact them, they are at the top of the league. Emails and telephone messages are replied to in detail and very quickly.
Girish K.
I have been WIS Accountancy for the past 3+ years and I must say they are a thoroughly professional bunch and always on top of what they do. Whenever I needed help or some documentation related to my company or taxes, they have been quick to respond and they have never charged me anything extra for the work. I would highly recommended them.
Miss K.
WIS have been managing my accounts for 4 years now and have exceeded expectations. They are excellent at what they do and have always been prompt and efficient. WIS have and continue to support clients in advising on IR35, accountancy and many other financial aspects. The team are fantastic in managing all aspects of ltd companies.Their portal is extremely easy to use and WIS regularly post a newsletter with updates. WIS look after you personally and even with a growing company value and take time out for everyone. I personally give my appreciation to Lindujan Sundararjan, Wijay, Esther Shahul and everyone else who has been extremely helpful in the smooth running of my accountancy. Thankyou all for your services - its an excellent service and I would recommend you to everyone.
Sachin M.
I am with WIS Accountancy for more than 6 years. The people here are brilliant - very responsive, professional and always there to help.
WIS have been my accountant company for 2 years and they've been professional, extremely efficient and very helpful. The WIS Portal is really easy to use so it saves a lot of time. They also offer many other financial services and send out useful e-newsletters to share important news.
Kausik S.
I've been using WIS Accountancy for more than 3 years now. The people here are brilliant - very responsive and always there to help. The portal is very easy to use, especially for recording & tracking expenses. It's been a pleasure working with WIS and would recommend them without any hesitation.
Naresh K.
All the staff at WIS are very professional and responsive. I have got in touch with most of the staff at WIS who are really very caring about your query, services , accounts , and do consider to look into details to response back. No limits how many times you have to contact WIS for any questions you have and even weekends responses when if urgent matter. It’s all within the fee you have agreed at first. No extra charges , no hidden T&Cs!!! I have really great experience of service from Shafiya who is really very down to earth, dedicated , and do listen carefully all your queries to work on them. A prompt response which is not very common from many accountancy firm in the market. Thanks Shafia, you're really very helpful every time I have ever spoke to you ( by phone, by email).
Kannan P.
Am delighted with Service provided by WIS in terms of quality, upto date on Tax and legislation changes. Sending news letter of the changes.Excellent Service in Accounts management.
Ranjan A.
I’ve been with WIS for the last 7 years, almost to the date but I’ve known them for about 10 years now. The reason for me to approach them when I needed an accountant was because of the way they handled my queries and dealt with me when I wasn’t even a paying client. It wasn’t a one off either. Over the years it’s come to be a second nature for me to pass on all of mine and my friends’ concerns and questions to Ifthikar and team whether it be accountancy or mortgage related. My referrals have stuck with WIS and I intend to as well. You are not just getting an accountancy or mortgage advice, you are getting a team that stands by you.Hope they continue the good work and keep expanding.
madhusudan P.
Zahid M.
Krishna C.
WIS accountancy is always professional and friendly at the same time and are available for any questions that I have however minor. I you would like a accountancy which does not charge you for every single interaction that you have as well as a friendly one, would definitely recommend them.
Carolina Calzada O.
WIS Accountancy has been looking after of our accountant for a couple of years and we really enjoy working with them. They are efficient and very responsive to our doubts and queries. They explained us everything really well which make it easy to understand any software we use for finance or how to make the right decisions with regards our finance. They are very attentive and everyone working there has been always extremely useful. I recommence you their services if you are looking for a new accountant firm.
Mahi K.
Excellent !!! Being recommended by my best friend, I'm with WIS for more than 2 years now.They not only helped me with my limited company but also in processing my first home mortgages. I never worry about accounting as I get the reminders and follow-ups on time :)Ifthikar is very friendly and answers to all my accounts related doubts.WIS has a good team size and I always get a prompt response from the team.I appreciate the WIS and definitely recommend it.
Swaranjali R.
I can highly recommend WIS. I use majority of WIS financial services for my company and personal.WIS always have Customer satisfaction as priority and not only owners but staff as well go extra miles to achieve it. Recently , WIS did help to thousands of businesses to claim government grant and proved that without getting anything back they are consistently working on helping customers. I did get lot of help for my business during the hard time.
Gagan R.
WIS has been helping my ltd company with the accounts since last 10+ years. They have always been helpful, responsive with queries, proactive with suggestions and very easily approachable. I have always recommended them to my colleagues starting a ltd company and looking for help with accounts because of these qualities. In recent turbulent times they have been very helpful and have gone out of the way to help with CJRS claims and other related activities. Their service has always been 5-star rated. One of the best accounting services in market.
n D.
I have been using WIS Accountancy for the last few years and have always found them very reliable and friendly. I would definitely recommend them.
Sachin M.
First of all I want to wish WIS accountancy on completing their 10 years well in advance. I have been using their services just over 3 year and my experience so far is really wonderful. I have been served very well on my queries from day 1. All the staff members are very very active in responding to any queries. I would highly recommend their services to all my friends and work colleagues.Keep up the good work 🙂
Marcela K.
Amazing accountants to work with!
Vikas N.
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