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Payroll Services – an overview

Payroll is one of the most complex and important areas for a business; not only is a well-managed payroll system important for you to fulfil your obligations to the tax authorities and bookkeeping purposes, but your employees are relying upon you to ensure that they’re paid a fee consistently and properly.

As a business owner, your priority will be to provide high-quality services to your clients and manage your employee-related matters, not on the trivial details of your payroll services function. 

But when looking for external support from an accountancy firm, you will want reassurance that your business is getting the best support from top accountants and that the tax, VAT, and all other bookkeeping resources are complete in terms of the year-end accounts. 

That’s why bringing your payroll queries to WIS Accountancy is best for you, your business and your clients.

How do we support you?

WIS Accountancy offers a number of packages for your business, including auto-enrolment, suitable for issuing anything from 1 to 1000s of payslips a month. One of the leading accounting firms in the market, WIS uses highly advanced payroll software online to manage the complete payroll process from start to finish and form free accountant advice employee pay.

Our team provides a high-end service focusing on everything from the basics of payroll services to the most complex aspects.

Processing PAYE calculations and issuing the basic suite of payroll forms (P45s, P14s, P60s and P35s) comes standard with all our payroll packages; we are highly skilled in producing and processing documentation in an efficient form and timely fashion, through our years of experience in the sector and dedicated team of trained accountants, many of whom have worked on a wide range of businesses and sectors over the years.

WIS has also experience in liaising with HMRC and tax authorities regarding matters such as the online submission of monthly RTI data- with our significant resources and client experience, and we have the scalable capacity to provide an error-free high level of service for whatever your business needs are.

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Our payroll systems and staff

At WIS, we use leading software to manage payroll services and ensure that the accountant can provide your company with the highest level of quality accounting service. 

Our online system also provides the facility of auto-enrolment for our clients. The systems we use include Moneysoft and Xero Payroll, which are RTI-compliant software approved by HMRC; this high-tech solution means that we can generate payslips in a number of layouts and store and reference them where necessary. Your company’s data can be analysed and visualised in a variety of ways, enabling numerous ways of maximising the potential of your company.

Our senior management consists of highly skilled accountants with extensive experience who pay attention to highly sophisticated clients on a variety of matters. We’ve spent years working in both personal and corporate finance, with a particular focus on tax and revenue – this means we can bring a unique perspective to bear with your business and offer solutions at minimal costs to you.

Aside from technical accounting skills, our staff are well-versed in helping you comply with statutory and regulatory requirements and remain up-to-date with new developments in accounting and legislation. With regards to the payroll service particularly, they have worked with a range of highly sophisticated clients and are sure to be familiar with the nuances of your business sector.

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The payroll services we provide

We seek to give you maximum peace of mind at minimum pay. This means liaising with you throughout the payroll process to ensure that you are kept in the loop regarding progress and costs; this means not just processing papers but adding value through strategic advice to manage payrolls and minimise your in-house tax liabilities and VAT where possible; this means providing a point of contact for you to direct payroll-related queries and have them answered by a trained accountant who has seen this before.

Previous clients of ours speak highly of the payroll service we provide and the wider client experience.

WIS has been described as going “above and beyond” the call of duty and as “extremely dedicated and professional” by previous clients.

We take pride in providing excellent payroll service at a reasonable fee. We are pleased to work on more bespoke structures, unusual employee contracts or complex payroll reports, for example. Our mix of backgrounds and the many years we’ve been involved in bookkeeping means that we can guarantee an enthusiastic and personalised experience from start to finish; this, in turn, means that we can save you money and get your business operating at optimum efficiency, with less headache for you.

Getting started with payroll

If you think that engaging accountants might be the best way to reduce stress in managing your business, then we would recommend getting in touch with us today. Give us a call or contact us via email, and we will be able to assess how we can best support you; we’ll discuss how many employees you have, what your accounts currently look like, what tax and VAT implications there might be for your business, and which of our packages might suit your firm.

Based on that, we’ll be able to advise you as to what your next steps should be or if you’ll be able to join us through an auto-enrolment, as well as what the benefits of instructing dedicated accountants might be.

At WIS Accountancy Ltd., your business is our priority, and we’re passionate about delivering the best results for clients. We know that payroll services are both complex and time-consuming, and we want to ensure that you cover off all the key areas to ensure that you can get your employees paid promptly and legally, with no penalties due to HMRC and as light a regulatory burden on your businesses as can be managed.

With our track record, we can start advising you within days of an initial call and can deliver a full suite of accountancy services for your business as soon as possible; we will then be able to handle the ongoing management of the software, helping you to save time and leaving you free to handle the commercial side of your business.

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