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WIS Accountancy, dedicated contractor accountants in London

Running your own business as a contractor is rewarding and tough in equal measure and brings many challenges. An investment in professional accountancy services can be very beneficial, alleviating the burden of financial management and helping your contractor business fulfil its potential.

WIS Accountancy is a trusted partner of many small businesses and contractors throughout London and the UK. We have considerable knowledge of the challenges and opportunities faced by our self-employed clients and are dedicated to fulfilling all of their accounting needs.

Whether you’re a sole trader, limited company, umbrella company, or freelancer, our expert team is here to help streamline your finances, manage tax efficiently and successfully grow your business.

To join the many happy WIS Accountancy customers and to access useful advice and monthly accounting packages for competitive fees, contact our team of highly skilled accountants.

What is contractor accounting?

When it comes to accounts management, contractors face unique challenges due to the fluctuating nature of their income. This affects cash flow, tax planning and overall financial stability. Dedicated contractor accountancy firms offer services tailored to self-employed contractors to help maintain their finances and fulfil their tax liability.

A contractor accountant typically deals with day-to-day financial management, such as bookkeeping, tax compliance, payroll and annual returns. They can also provide strategic insight via management reports and tax planning sessions, as well as provide support to loan applications and financial business plans.

Do contractors in London need accountants?

As a contractor, you have no legal obligation to employ an accountant to handle your affairs. However, it is highly recommended as it can make financial management significantly easier, as well as identify valuable cost savings and tax deductions.

Having a dedicated accountant gives you total peace of mind and leaves you free to invest your energy in delivering your expert contractor services. If you are looking to expand and grow your business, an accountant can provide valuable strategic insights to help you reach your goals.

When should you hire a specialist contractor accountant like WIS?

Whether you’re just starting out or have an established business, hiring a contractor accountant can pay dividends. Our professional accounting services can be valuable at all stages of company growth, whether it is establishing robust accounting procedures or helping to plan for business growth.

Some of the most common reasons for hiring contractor accountants are:

  • You require informed advice about your business plans, legal responsibilities and financial obligations.

  • You need help with filing your tax return, as well as keeping up to date with relevant legal changes.

  • You are at a point of growth in the company and are ready to delegate tasks to streamline your company’s proceeds.

Our contractor accountancy services London

If you are looking for a good contractor accountant, look no further than WIS Accountancy. Our multi-talented team of accountants provides a professional and personal service tailored to the needs of your contractor business.

When you choose us as your contractor accountant, we provide flexible and reliable accounting solutions, including:

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Contracting Through An Umbrella Company:

Our online accounting service for contractors

If you are in need of accountancy services from an accountancy firm you can trust, look no further than the established online accounting services offered here at WIS Accountancy. Our professional and multi-talented group of accountants can provide the best service and solutions for your contractor business.

When you choose us as your contractor accountant, we provide flexible and reliable accounting solutions, including dealing with VAT per quarter, running payroll on your behalf, and handling personal tax returns and Corporation Tax. Should you need it, our experienced team of accountants can prepare your annual accounts and offer industry-specific legislative advice to help you navigate any potential challenges with ease.

Online accounting for for contractors London

Why choose WIS Accountancy as your contractor accountant?

Here at WIS Accountancy, we specialise in financial management for SMEs. As a contractor, you can employ our expert accountants with the confidence that we have the expertise and knowledge needed to help your particular business to thrive.

Our dedicated contractor accountants are here to help contractors and freelancers like you manage your finances on a basis that suits you, whether that be per month or via a more flexible arrangement.

Using our accessible online portal and cloud-based software, you can help you take care of and manage your expenses – plus access many other unlimited support functions.

Limited companies

If you operate as a limited company, our fixed-fee accountancy package is an ideal investment. It includes specialist services such as VAT returns, Corporation Tax returns and annual accounts, to ensure your company stays compliant and is tax efficient.


If you’re a self-employed contractor, we urge you to invest in contractor accountancy if your funds allow. WIS Accountancy can assist with a wide range of financial matters, including business insurance, tax returns, take-home pay, and more. We can design an accountancy package dedicated to helping your contractor business grow, whether you’re in the initial planning stages or looking to expand.

Umbrella payroll

At WIS Accountancy, we also offer you the opportunity to sign up for WIS Umbrella, our company umbrella payroll package. WIS Umbrella is a dedicated service that makes getting paid quick, simple, and easy.

On signing up to the online portal, you will be assigned a personal liaison officer to ensure accounts and payments are handled appropriately. It is a simple sign-up process, with no additional fees for transferring to a limited company package should you need to.

Don’t forget to check out our five-star reviews.

Monthly accounting packages for London contractors

As a self-employed contractor, you strive for financial simplicity. WIS Accountancy can help you streamline your finances with a comprehensive, monthly accounting package tailored to your needs, including unlimited free online accounting software.

Our basic accounting package includes limited company set-up and helps with payroll, enrolment, handling personal and corporate taxes, and VAT support. Whatever package you choose, you can expect an attentive, highly skilled accountancy service from a team dedicated to your success.

Contact us today for a free quote on a monthly package.

Professional IR35 advice for contractors

Do you require regular IR35 reviews? Or perhaps help with take-home pay and other matters? Whether you are self-employed or a limited company, if you require IR35 advice from a registered office accountant, WIS Accountancy is here to help.

What does IR35 mean for contractors?

IR35, also known as off-payroll working, is a piece of legislation introduced in 2000 to ensure contractors and freelancers assign the correct role to themselves or any employees and pay the right amount of tax.

At WIS Accountancy, our professional contractor accountants are well-versed in IR35 and contracting matters, including determining whether you are in or out of IR35 guidelines.

To employ our specialist contractor services or request more information about an accountancy package suitable for your needs, get in touch with a dedicated accountant today.


If you need a dedicated all-inclusive online accounting software that is easy to access and tailored to your company, look no further than WIS Accountancy's online specialist portal. Take care of your accounts in one handy location with our complete digital portal. Contact us today for more information or read reviews to learn more about how WIS Accountancy can help.

The fees for specialist contractor services vary depending on the accounting services you need to access. To learn more about WIS Accountancy fees about the best monthly accounting package for your company, contact our team of highly qualified accountants today.

While not mandatory, subcontractors can benefit from hiring an accountant for several reasons. Accountants can take care of basic compliance, such as determining whether you are in or out of IR35 and submitting tax returns.


They can also help to improve your tax efficiency by identifying allowable expenses and other deductions. Additionally, accountants can offer valuable advice on budgeting, invoicing, and financial planning, contributing to a subcontractor's long-term success.

What makes WIS your best option?

We are an extremely knowledgeable, professional and qualified team of accountants with over a decade of experience. During that time, we have built strong relationships with many contractors and small businesses all over the UK.

Tax efficiency reviews

Our accountants conduct regular reviews to ensure that our clients are operating in the most tax-efficient manner throughout their financial year. Our goal is to ensure both their business and personal wealth are optimised.

Frequent reminders of your tax deadlines

We issue our clients with regular reminders to submit monthly, quarterly and annual returns on time, to avoid tax penalties on their corporate and personal income.

No hidden charges for our services

Our charges per month are all-inclusive. As a reliable accountant, we will ensure that your annual business and personal returns are completed in compliance with HMRC guidelines without any hidden charges.

Unlimited support and personal business advice

Our contractor clients have access to a high level of professional accounting expertise and can expect a flawless client experience, all at an affordable fee per month. This includes unlimited support on your company and personal accounts and other finance-related matters.

Contact WIS Accountancy now!

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