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Dedicated accounting services for eCommerce sellers in London and across the UK.
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Specialist accounting for online business

When you first start your online business, you can often manage your own bookkeeping and accounts. However, as the business grows and expands, and you add new product lines and break into new markets, everything starts to get more complicated and finding a solution by investing in accounting services becomes a much more attractive proposition.

You need help from a specialist

Once you reach that stage, you’ll start looking for accountants you know you can trust and feel you can work with. You’ll also need to decide whether to look for a firm of generalist accountants or specialist ecommerce accountants.

Effective eCommerce calls for accountants with expertise

The team at WIS Accounting are all experts in their field, and we deal with a wide variety of different types of small and medium businesses. However, when it comes to an eCommerce business, there are additional and complex issues to take into account.

You see, eCommerce operates across multiple sales platforms and involves different payment service providers. The way you get your goods to your customers, whether that’s Amazon FBA, another third party or you pick and pack yourself, also has an impact.

It can feel overwhelming

When you’re looking for a way to merge all of this information so you can produce your accounts, it can feel overwhelming.

We’ve got it covered

Luckily, we’ve got it covered. WIS Accountancy’s dedicated team of specialist accountants understand the issues faced by online sellers and know how to handle the challenges. We can make your life easier.

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What is an eCommerce accountant?

An eCommerce accountant specialises in accountancy for businesses selling online. Online selling is different to standard retail commerce, and eCommerce accounting is different to general accounting.

Tax liabilities

For example, all businesses have tax liabilities and many have VAT requirements to manage. However, following changes to eCommerce VAT in the UK on 1 January 2021 and the EU on 1 July 2021, these have become more complex for eCommerce businesses. Specialist accounting knowledge is needed.


A well as making sure you meet your obligations, we’ll make sure your firm operates in the most tax efficient way possible, so we maximise your profits, too.

ecommerce accountant specialist

What can an eCommerce accountant do for me?

Working with e commerce accountants offers many advantages, including:

Saves you save time

Because a specialist accountant understands the intricacies of ecommerce accounting, they can deal with your accounts much faster and more efficiently than you could, leaving you free to focus on building your online business.

Frees you up to play to your strengths

Our area of expertise is accounting; yours is your eCommerce company. By working with a specialist accountant, you get to spend your days focusing on making your business more visible and gaining more customers.

Gives you valuable information

Accurate, dependable, up-to-the-minute financial information means you can make informed decisions that help you achieve your goals, both short and long term.

Means you avoid non-compliance penalties

The penalties for failing to comply with tax and VAT requirements can be high. We’ll make sure you never miss a deadline, keeping you compliant and helping to protect the good name of your business.

Provides access to business advice

You get tailored advice from a dedicated professional accountant who understands your business, the marketplace you operate in and the sales platform you use. Having your own dedicated accountant who can offer expert advice and support is a valuable business resource.

eCommerce accounting software

Using the right software can streamline your processes and accounts, and save companies like yours a lot of time and money. However, when you’re working with so many different systems – sales platforms, inventory apps, payment systems and more – it can be a headache trying to make it all work together. We’ll help compile the best combination of software and apps for your business and make sure everything integrates seamlessly with your accounting software.

We recommend Xero & QuickBooks

We recommend Xero and QuickBooks, as they are versatile and dependable when it comes to integrating with a variety of software packages across different platforms and ecommerce marketplaces. We can set new ecommerce sellers up from scratch.

Online cloud accounting

Cloud accounting from expert ecommerce accountants puts up to date information at your fingertips. You have access to real-time sales data and financial information, not information from last quarter or last year. That helps you understand your cash flow and finances, and make better decisions.

Advice on payment service providers

We’re happy to offer advice on payment service providers (PSPs) to help you decide on the best option for you and your clients. The right PSPs help add service value for clients, so this is an important decision for your company. We can also help with integration of your PSP with the ecommerce platforms you operate on and your accountancy software.

Contact us to access advice about setting up your ecommerce accountancy system.

eCommerce business

However you sell online, whether you’re an Amazon seller, have an Etsy, Folksy, or eBay online store, your own Shopify website, or something entirely different, we can help you organise your finances.

Who we help:

  • Amazon sellers, whether FBM, FBA, or private label.
  • eBay merchants, whatever you sell on eBay, we can help.
  • Direct website sellers, managing their own retail sales.
  • Retail arbitrage sellers on any platform.
  • Etsy and Folksy sellers, selling creative handmade products.
  • Shopify store sellers, using the Shopify ecommerce platform.

However you sell your goods or services to your customers, single channel or multi-channel, B2B or B2C, a WIS accountant can help and support you.

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Accounting services for eCommerce businesses

We aim to be the best ecommerce accountants for ecommerce businesses in the UK. We believe accountancy should be transparent and easy to understand, and we will never bombard you with jargon. We’ll just give you the facts, in a way that makes sense and supports you and your decisions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sole trader, partnership or limited company, eBay only or multi-platform, we can help you to operate in the most organised way and with an eye on tax efficiency. Allowing us to take care of things like day-to-day accounts, bookkeeping and tax returns allows you to work on your professional goals.

Business advice

It might seem odd to put this first, before the actual physical tasks we perform for your ecommerce business, but often advice is what you need in order to make the decisions that lead on to the ecommerce services you choose. Perhaps you need to know about VAT requirements or tax efficiency, or you need to understand how cloud accounting works before you commit to it. We can do all that, and more.

Advice might start here, but it doesn’t end here; WIS Accountancy will stay with you and continue to support you on your business journey, every step of the way.


Online eCommerce businesses are different to traditional businesses, and an eCommerce accountant is best placed to understand your business and how it operates. You can leave your bookkeeping in our hands safe in the knowledge that we understand specialist eCommerce accounting practices.

Online accountancy

We have invested in the latest online accountancy technology for the benefit of all our clients. We use it to save you time and money, by integrating with the other software and systems you use, and to provide you with real-time financial information.

Tax services

Tax legislation and obligations can change, so we keep on top of both national and international requirements. Because we are up to date, you are up to date, and you can be confident of being compliant.

Get in touch to discuss your eCommerce accounting services requirements.

WIS Accountancy can help you

Our team of expert accountants are passionate about helping online businesses just like yours to not just survive, but thrive. Part of that is making sure your accountancy services are efficient, providing you with up-to-date information that supports your strategic decision-making.

No problem

We’ll never tell you about a problem without also presenting a solution. Contact us to discuss how we can provide support. Either give us a call on 0203 011 1898 or use the contact form to get in touch.