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Why choose us as your accountant for your limited company?

Your business is your passion, and your area of expertise. Accountancy is essential, it keeps you compliant and offers valuable insights into the performance of your business. But accountancy isn’t where your skills lie.

Our passion is providing unlimited advice, and accurate and professional accountancy, for limited companies like yours. That takes the pressure off your group and allows you to thrive.

Investing in accounting specialists who can take care of everything for you, keep you compliant and provide valuable up-to-the-minute data that helps with critical decision-making, allows you to focus your time and energy on the things you really care about.

Bookkeeping and tax planning can feel complicated, especially if you’re a new business. By leveraging our in-depth understanding of HMRC legislation and unlimited offer of reliable advice and legal support, you can stay on top of those accounting issues with ease.

WIS Accountancy’s dedicated accounts experts are committed to helping SMEs like yours succeed. We have detailed knowledge of the unique accounting needs of small companies and start-ups, and are dedicated to delivering the right services for SMEs.

Do you need unlimited specialist services, and articles from fintech accountants or R&D accountants? Our team can help with finance outsourcing – call us today to find out more.

What we do as a limited company accountant

If you’re a sole trader, an SME or a contractor owning a PSC, we can support you with a range of efficient tax and accounting services. We provide a range of excellent value business support packages, all of which include registering your limited company with Companies House, plus a range of different accounting services to suit the individual needs of your small business.

These include support with VAT returns and tax returns, as well as payroll and personal taxes. We’ll also act as your dedicated tax agent, ensuring that your limited company’s tax responsibilities are always fully taken care of. We’ll file your accounts for you, and also provide the relevant returns to HMRC and Companies House. We use specialist online accounting software Xero, to keep track of your company’s accounting needs efficiently and accurately.

Whether you’re a limited company that’s just starting out or an existing business that needs help getting its tax and accounts in order, we offer a package to support you. At WIS Accountancy, we don’t just take care of new business owners and directors; we also work with established limited companies that need reliable support with their accounting needs. We serve as landlord accountants, too.

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Saving Tax Legally as a Limited Company or a Company Director:

Does a limited company need an accountant?

You don’t have to use a chartered accountant for your limited company – it’s not a legal requirement. However, there are many benefits to choosing a professional limited company accountant to take care of your company accounts and tax. A chartered accountant can shoulder the responsibility for your company tax return and annual accounts, taking the burden away from your SME.

Choosing a chartered accountant for your limited company also means that tasks like payroll, VAT accounting, and bookkeeping can be done for you by an expert, dedicated accountant. So, while limited company accountants are by no means a necessity, having your accounts and taxation handled by a specialist means you’re free to concentrate on other areas of your business.

Investing in a chartered accountant for your limited company frees up time for an SME with a limited number of employees. If your team doesn’t include any accounting experts, choosing professional limited company accountants means you minimise the risk of costly mistakes and errors being made. These can be difficult to rectify later on. A dedicated accountant ensures accuracy and reliability when it comes to your company accounts and tax.

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What is the compliance accounting involved with a limited company?

Limited company accounting includes a range of information that your company must submit each year to HMRC. The company directors are legally responsible for ensuring that the correct information is submitted, but choosing an accountancy expert means that much of that burden is removed.

Companies registered in England must provide year-end accounts. These are also sent to HMRC to help calculate how much Corporation Tax the business needs to pay. Financial and management accounts also help your SME with auditing and identifying how well the company has performed over the course of the year.

You must submit your year-end accounts in a specific format. For this reason, choosing a limited company accountant contractor like WIS Accountancy is a smart choice for getting everything submitted correctly. When you use our services, we’ll make sure your accounts are submitted properly and within the relevant deadlines, taking the difficulty of limited company accountancy away from your team.

How much do accountants charge for limited companies UK?

The amount you’ll pay for services from an accountant for limited companies in the UK will vary. The minimum cost per month is normally around £85. However, what you pay will depend on the services you require from your limited company accountants. Additional one-off limited company accountancy services beyond what is normally included in your accounting package will cost extra.

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If you want to know more about the services and packages we offer to small businesses, contractors and freelancers, and to find out more about the cost of our work, call the team at WIS Accountancy.

We also provide free advice on bookkeeping. Contractors or freelancers should log in to our website to contact us, where they will find reviews and articles, plus our online accounting service and online bookkeeping service. If you are a self registered company director of a VAT registered business, visit or contact our registered office to gain free advice on VAT returns, tax returns, Self Assessment or Corporation Tax. You can also find out whether your business tax is tax-efficient.

We’re UKBA-approved accountants who provide accurate and reliable limited company accounting services, especially for small businesses, whether you’re just getting started or are a more established company.

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