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Are you looking for expert information on small business accounting?

If you are, you’ve come to the right place! At WIS Accountancy, we specialise in dedicated small business accountancy for businesses registered in England. We have a range of packages designed for people like you and a highly qualified team of professionals who have brought us to award-winning status, meaning we’re an excellent choice to help your business manage finances, tax and more.

Call us or get in contact with our office today to find out more about how we can offer excellent expert advice and support with tax returns, bookkeeping processes and more to help keep your business in peak condition.

What is a small business accountant?

As a small business, you want to ensure you’re seeking expert advice and guidance on your accounts and tax. Whether you’re self-employed or a limited company employing a small team, hiring an accounting firm is a great way to ensure you’re on track with your financials.

As accountants for small businesses, we offer a tailored service to meet the specific needs of your company. Unlike large company accounts, small business accounting can easily be outsourced to a dedicated service for payroll, tax returns and more. That frees you up to do what you do best – running your business!

If you’re looking for financial support to run your business, a dedicated accountant specialising in small business services is the ideal solution. Read on to find out more:

What do small business accountants do?

If you’re wondering how professionally qualified accountants can help your business, there are a number of different options available. Depending on the needs and specifications of your limited company, an outsourced qualified accountant can provide any of the following services:

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Find out more about accounting for your small business in this guide:

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Limited Company Vs Sole Trader – Tax Pros & Cons:

How much do accountants cost for small businesses?

Dedicated accountants for business owners can vary widely in cost, depending on your requirements and business plans.

An accountant that only provides an annual tax return and VAT returns service on your year-end accounts, for example, would charge a lower fee than an accountant that handles all of your bookkeeping, tax and VAT.

The wide range of services we offer means that the cost of an accountancy service really depends on what you need. Some businesses may need extensive assistance that covers all areas of finance. Others may require a registered expert to support them with tax and other HMRC-related matters. Whatever your requirements, you can select the services you need to create a bespoke package and pay only for what will benefit you. And if your circumstances change, you can change the services you use.

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Can I do my own small business accounting?

Absolutely! Many businesses and limited companies manage their finances in-house. However, while this can work well during quiet periods, it can be a challenge to both manage your finances and handle your business effectively as you grow or during busier times. A seasonal business, for example, might struggle during peak times.

Accounting services provide the expertise needed without the diversion of handling other work, which means your accounts and finances are always completed on time, without any reminders or penalties from HMRC.

If you choose to handle accounting in-house, you’ll either need to learn new skills in tax and finance or employ someone who has them already. This is an additional cost to your business, and in addition you’ll need to pay for online accounting software, like Xero, and other training resources – those costs quickly add up.

Outsourcing is a good choice for you if your business is growing, or you don’t have specialist knowledge, or you find yourself falling behind in busy periods.

Working with our accountants trained in limited company finances ensures consistent management of employees and business plans, both throughout the tax season and for the rest of the year.

How do I find good accounting services for small businesses?

As a small business owner, you know your operations and needs better than anyone else. That’s a good starting point to partner with a small business accountant service that works specifically for your accounts. But beyond understanding your business inside and out, there are a few ways to ensure an accountant would be a good fit for your limited company. These include:

Decide what services you need from a business accountant

You may need a comprehensive bookkeeping service. You may need tax advice, help with Self Assessment tax returns, and year-end accounting. Knowing what monthly services you need can help you partner with accountants that are the right fit for you.

Examine your budget and plans for business growth

When you hire an outsourced accountant, you want to ensure they are a good fit for you, your accounts, your business and your long-term business plans. As a small company, hiring an experienced business tax accountant and general specialist is your ideal choice.

Do your research into small business accountants

Don’t just settle for the first firm you come across; do your research and due diligence. Online reviews on reputable platforms are the ideal way to ensure you’re choosing a suitable accountant for your business. At WIS Accountancy, our registered specialisation in small business accounting makes us an excellent choice for your individual needs.

Why work with us for small business accountancy?

Why choose WIS Accountancy for your small business accounts? Here are a few reasons our clients choose us to manage their accounts:
award winning small business accountants

Award-winning accounting services

Our highly specialised and dedicated accountancy resources are ideal for smaller organisations like yours. We can help you become tax-efficient and support your business’s various financial processes. Our past awards nominations reflect the quality of the work we deliver for our business clients across a wide range of industries and niches. Call us now to get your company accounts completed with skill and expertise.

small business accounting team

We’re small business specialists

Our team has extensive experience supporting sole traders and small limited companies to take care of their monthly finances. From handling money in day-to-day bookkeeping to managing payroll, our accountants are equipped to work with you on your terms with your own dedicated accountancy team. Our proficiency has led to five-star rated services.

Xero for small businesses

Access to professional cloud accounting software

We use high-end, professional accounting software, like Xero, to ensure your finances are correctly managed. We cover the cost of Xero and similar online accounting software as part of our service, so reducing the amount you pay per month for your accounting services.

tax and bookkeeping for small businesses

Expertise in tax, payroll, and bookkeeping

We cover every aspect of small business finance, from processing of monthly VAT returns to offering financial advice on hiring, payroll and growth. Our award-winning expertise ensures you’re always in the loop regarding the best options and services for your business needs, and ensures your company’s VAT and accounts records are submitted to HMRC on time and error-free. That way, you avoid penalties.

Call our office on 020 301 1898 to cover the financial aspects of your business!

What is included in WIS Accountancy packages?

We currently offer three tiers of pre-built accountancy services at WIS, which provides our clients with an easy way to get the most out of our expertise. Contact us to acquire the packages we offer, which range from the basic package, offering ideal support for start-ups, to pro and platinum packages for more established businesses.

While the exact contents of accountancy packages may vary, all options include ongoing support, financial advice, payroll, VAT and tax management, and registration with Companies House and HMRC.

For more information about individual package offerings please contact us here:

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