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Why use an accountant for your startup?

Whether you’re a sole trader or a small, limited company, funding in the right services can help to support your business and ensure personal growth. Accounts and finances, in particular, can be challenging to handle as your business grows. That is where you will have to obtain assistance from an expert accounting firm to manage your financials.

Hiring trained accountants for startups can provide access to high-quality accounting services that offer value for money in London for tax management and more.

If you want access to the best accounting software for your startup from experienced and highly trained chartered accountants, outsourcing your accounting function might be the best decision for your company.

Do startups need accountants?

For many new business start-ups, time and money are in great demand. This means you don’t have the spare time to commit to managing bookkeeping, accounting, annual accounts and VAT returns alongside other responsibilities in your job.

At startup businesses, employees often wear multiple hats in their roles. This makes it easy for tax accounting responsibilities and finance to fall through the gaps without dedicated support.

While trained accountants aren’t necessary to succeed, they can help support your company operations and ensure your accounts are up to date.

Working with an accountancy firm is one way for small businesses and limited companies to relieve that pressure. Hiring a business finance specialist in-house may not be affordable, especially with the additional accounting software costs. Instead, outsourcing to a professional accountancy service for tax advice, accounting, and bookkeeping is far more feasible.

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What can chartered accountants do for business startups?

From managing HMRC taxes to handling payroll, accountants can take work off an overfilled plate of their clients. The specialist services that a qualified accountancy company can provide for small businesses include:


A professional accountancy solution can handle the day-to-day monthly management of your business finances and accounts. This service ensures your company is on track for tax liabilities and all its financial obligations and accounting requirements while freeing up your time to work on other areas of your business.


If you have employees at your startup, paying them on time is one of your top priorities – and a significant time sink. Hiring trained accountants ensure all annual and monthly accounts and details relating to the pay of employees are up to date for prompt, regular payment with no hitches or delays.

Self-assessment tax returns

If you’re a sole trader in business, you’ll be required to submit a personal tax return to HMRC every year. Registered qualified tax accountants can handle calculating the tax you owe from the earnings you receive in your business bank account to the expenses you’ve paid out. They can then submit that accurate information on your behalf.

Business VAT returns

You’ll also need to use high-quality accounting software to complete VAT and tax returns as a business. Working with an outsourced chartered accountant ensures that your VAT and other tax liabilities are considered and that all legal accounting requirements are met for any business tax you owe.

Business planning

As a startup, your goal is to grow and expand your company. Accountants can advise you in growth and guidance on finances based on your goals and business plan for your future.

When should a small business look to employ an accountant?

If you’re a new business or have a business plan on creating a startup shortly, it’s a good idea to bring in specialist accountants early. By hiring dedicated and expert accountants, you benefit from expertise and insight you may not have in-house.

Having expert support and advice is an excellent place to start when it comes to tax, payroll, and even funding applications.

Employing an accountant in line with your business growth is a good idea for already established businesses or sole traders. Accountancy companies can match the scale and size of your business as it grows.

This ensures that you have the consistent level of support needed for successful, active financial management as your company changes.

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What to look for when choosing an accountant for your startup business

How do you choose accountants as a limited company or sole trader business? Here are some key factors to look out for:
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Experience in working with smaller companies

It is beneficial to have a partnership with an accountant that already knows how smaller businesses work. A knowledgeable small business expert will understand your specific challenges and requirements and make sure that you are stress-free. The benefit of that experience means that they hit the ground running regarding tax, bookkeeping and other financial needs.

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Knowledge across a range of accounting services

Much like your internal office team, you'll likely need dedicated and professional accountants that can do a bit of everything as a small business and advise you on important aspects relating to startups. While each task will take less time than a large-scale operation, everything needs to be completed regardless. The ideal accountancy service can provide high-quality services across the board.

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Access to professional software

Accounting software can be a costly expense for your business. Working with an accounting firm that already has access to top industry accounting software can make your job easier. By outsourcing to a registered accountant, you're also outsourcing additional expenses for your business.

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Ability to grow and adapt to your business needs

Startups rarely stay the same size and shape from their initial launch. An accountancy service needs to be able to adapt to these changes and areas of growth. The best accountants for a small business are the ones that are flexible, adaptable, and able to step up when needed to provide the best service to its clients.


The pay of an accountant for your business will depend on a multitude of factors. For example, an accountancy service that only provides tax services will be less costly than a year-round service. It's crucial to figure out what works for your budget, as well as what kinds of services you need the most from a professional accounting solution.

Contact WIS today for accountancy services for startups

WIS Accountancy is the best choice for you if you’re looking for a registered London-based accountant to obtain advice with specific small business experience. Our staff specialise in partnership with clients who are freelancers and businesses of all sizes. Our dedicated accounting team aims to provide quality financial services at affordable fees to our clients by ensuring that the provided deadline is met and our clients are highly satisfied.

If you are willing to know other services we offer our clients or need any personal business advice and assistance on startups, get in touch with us today via live chat online to discuss how we can help your limited company with business planning, meeting your deadline and more. If you are interested in having a chat with us and getting to know more about startups, we are happy to provide a free initial meeting to consult on how we can provide you with a hassle-free business solution.

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